What Is The Best Mascara For Lengthening Eyelashes

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What Is The Best Mascara For Lengthening Eyelashes
What Is The Best Mascara For Lengthening Eyelashes

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According to experts, about 50% of all women use lengthening mascara. She is especially preferred by those who have their own light and short eyelashes.

Eyelash lengthening with mascara
Eyelash lengthening with mascara

It is necessary

Dramatic Look mascara, Lash Love mascara, clinique mascara, Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme mascara


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Dramatic Look by Max Factor. Advantages of this mascara: natural bristles, water resistance, no lumps and no sticking after application. Mascara perfectly stains eyelashes, lengthening them at the same time. It holds up very well all day long. The color of the Dramatic Look mascara is deep black. When applied, it does not stick eyelashes: you can forget about separation with a needle. It has a pleasant odor that is practically invisible after application. Enough mascara Dramatic Look for 3-4 months of use. After that, it begins to crumble. Cost: 310 rubles.

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Lash Love by Mary Kay. The mascara contains special fine fibers that spread from the roots to the tips of the lashes to create length. The new curved brush also helps create the incredibly long lash effect. She picks up enough mascara without excess. During wearing, it does not crumble, and even more so it does not imprint on the upper eyelid. Users note that when opened, the mascara is not liquid, which provides comfort the first time it is applied. Even when applied in several layers, the lashes remain soft, which in itself is a great rarity. Mascara is washed off without problems, without causing eye irritation. Cost: 590 rubles.

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CLINIQUE lengthening mascara. Refers to luxury cosmetics. Gives lashes not only length, but also volume thanks to the unique High Definition Lashs brush-comb. Some users report that the result is the same as when using another mascara. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the eyelashes. Although this brush is undoubtedly recognized as convenient. Mascara hardly sticks lashes together and makes the look brighter. It lasts all day, and is washed off by any means. Another advantage: it does not cause allergic reactions. Cost: 795 rubles.

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Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme. Mascara perfectly lengthens eyelashes and gives them a beautiful shape. Visually, the number of eyelashes increases. Other advantages: mascara does not form lumps even with long-term use, does not imprint on the upper eyelid and does not crumble. With it, you can do daytime makeup by applying one layer of mascara. You can also do evening make-up by applying several layers of mascara. At the same time, the eyelashes remain soft and elastic, not "wooden" at all. After applying the mascara, the lashes stay in the given direction for a long time. Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme is washed off with a regular eye makeup remover. Usage period: 6 months. Cost: 1475 rubles.

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