How To Slow Down Hair Growth

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How To Slow Down Hair Growth
How To Slow Down Hair Growth

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Tired of shaving every day? There are natural remedies that can help slow hair growth by gradually keeping hair growth to a minimum.

How to slow down hair growth
How to slow down hair growth

It is necessary

  • - Green grapes
  • - Turmeric
  • - Hyacinth flowers


Step 1

Classic hair removal methods get rid of excess vegetation for a very short time. Shaving - for a day, depilation destroys hairs for a week, and more expensive procedures - like shugaring - for a maximum of a month. There are special agents for slowing hair growth, the so-called inhibitors, they contain turmeric, papain, walnut extract and much more. They contain, of course, chemical additives. But it's not so difficult to make such tools at home. They will be 100% natural. Here are some effective ways.

Step 2

Take young shoots of green grapes. The juice squeezed out of these berries, preferably wild ones, is a natural inhibitor. After carefully squeezing out the juice and placing it in a small container, we will epilate the legs. After the procedure, we lubricate the skin of the legs with gruel. We repeat with each depilation. Hair will grow longer. If green grapes are nowhere to be found, you can try a recipe with more readily available ingredients. Mix a mixture of 5 grams of ammonia, 1.5 grams of iodine and 5 castor oil. Also add 35 grams of regular alcohol. This mixture preserves the grape much longer, so it can be made immediately in large proportions. Lubricate unwanted hairs with it twice a day. The result will not be long in coming.

Step 3

Try to stop Indian hair growth. This requires the commonly available spice turmeric. Make them a creamy gruel, apply to the depilated legs, cover with cling film. It is necessary to hold the mixture for about fifteen minutes. An antiseptic will be added to the effect of slowing hair growth: the spice will remove all redness. You can also try to slow down growth in a "flower" way. Take the root of the hyacinth, grind it into a fine gruel, squeeze the juice out of this gruel. Another natural inhibitor is ready! Rub it in daily.

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