Piercing: Are There Any Contraindications?

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Piercing: Are There Any Contraindications?
Piercing: Are There Any Contraindications?

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Piercing is not only one of the most popular methods of beautifying the appearance, but also the most ancient way of self-expression. Now it can be done in almost any beauty salon. However, despite the rather simple technique of the procedure, piercing has a number of contraindications.

Navel piercing
Navel piercing

Piercing features

It is very important to immediately identify possible contraindications to piercing, as well as to treat this procedure with a high degree of responsibility. In some cases, due to non-observance of basic hygiene rules, people experience not only allergic reactions, but also serious diseases.

The main restrictions on piercing

One of the most common limitations for piercing is the presence of allergic reactions to metal. For quick healing of the puncture, you need to wear gold or silver jewelry for some time. Jewelry, as a rule, is contraindicated in this case. Ordinary metal jewelry can only be worn when the puncture is fully formed.

In diseases associated with blood clotting, piercing is contraindicated. A puncture can cause severe bleeding, which can be life threatening.

In the presence of almost any skin disease, piercing should also be abandoned. In this case, we mean eczema, cystic acne, dermatitis and furunculosis. Punctures can cause painful ulcers and not aesthetically pleasing scars. Moreover, irritations that appear on the affected skin areas do not heal for a long time.

Mental disorders, including epilepsy, as well as traumatic brain injury are among the most serious contraindications for piercing. The fact is that in the presence of such disorders, the body reacts in a special way to pain, a nervous breakdown may occur due to the perception of a puncture as a wound or trauma.

When not to get pierced

Women should be especially attentive to the piercing procedure. Punctures are not recommended during menstruation, premenstrual syndrome and in the presence of gynecological diseases. Otherwise, hormonal disruption or exacerbation of existing diseases may occur.

Pregnancy and lactation are also “female contraindications” for piercing. Punctures have no effect on milk or fetus, but they can cause stress that can cause serious complications.

With diabetes, piercing should not be done. Failure to comply with this limitation may even lead to death.

Internal medicine as a limitation to piercing

Piercing should not be done in the presence of almost any internal disease - renal failure, disruption of the digestive system and the cardiovascular system, ulcerative and oncological complications. If you do a piercing for a heart defect, then only in rare cases, such an experiment will not lead to hospitalization.

When self-diagnosing your body to identify contraindications to piercing, first of all, pay attention to the most serious limitations, and then objectively assess your overall health. If you decide to pierce your tongue, then you should not even have caries and periodontal disease. If the piercing is on the genitals, there should be no internal or external diseases. It is not recommended to pierce any part, even during a cold.

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