How To Fix A Nasal Septum

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How To Fix A Nasal Septum
How To Fix A Nasal Septum

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The septum is a thin plate of bone and cartilage that divides the nasal cavity into left and right sides. Symptoms of nasal septum curvatures that require surgical correction include crusting, difficulty breathing, and frequent nosebleeds.

How to fix a nasal septum
How to fix a nasal septum


Step 1

You can do an operation that removes only curved areas of bone or cartilage. It is called "submucosal septum resection". In the process of surgery, an incision is made inside the nose, so the scar will be invisible as a result. In this case, the mucous membrane that covers the nasal septum is preserved. After this operation, there will be no hole left on the septum itself - it will just be thinner and consist of fibrous tissue, not cartilage. In some cases, with severe curvature, a large area of ​​not only cartilage, but also bone is removed. In this case, so that the shape of the nose does not change from the outside, an even bone plate from the deepest parts of the nose is inserted in place of the cartilage. This operation is called septoplasty.

Step 2

At the end of the operation, the specialist fills the nasal cavity with a sterile gauze swab previously soaked in ointment. This tampon helps to keep the mucous membrane sheets, and also does not allow blood to accumulate between them. It is removed only two days after the operation.

Step 3

Nasal septum surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. At the same time, half an hour before the upcoming procedure, premedication is done, that is, special drugs are introduced that reduce the patient's sensitivity and enhance the effect of the local anesthetic. Further, at the beginning of the operation, the mucous membrane is lubricated with an anesthetic, and it is also injected into the nasal septum itself. This creates sufficient pain relief for the operation.

Step 4

You can fix your nasal septum with a laser. If you cauterize the cartilage with a laser, it will begin to bend. True, the indications for this operation are limited only to cases of curvature of the cartilage itself with an unchanged state of the bony septum of the nose, which is quite rare. This procedure is done without detachment of the mucous membrane itself. That is why such an operation can be performed on an outpatient basis. There are also disadvantages to this method of correcting the nasal septum - a severe burn of the mucous membrane, which heals for a long time with the formation of massive crusts.

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