How To Straighten Your Nose

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How To Straighten Your Nose
How To Straighten Your Nose

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According to the classification developed by the famous lover of women and genius physicist Lev Landau, only a woman with a straight nose can be considered beautiful. Although not everyone agrees with this, it is still difficult to argue with the fact that a crooked nose rarely adorns the face. Often, ladies with an "eagle profile" dream of a classic appearance. However, a crooked or crooked nose is not a sentence; it can be straightened out.

How to straighten your nose
How to straighten your nose

It is necessary

foundation in three shades


Step 1

When in doubt if your nose is straight or slightly crooked, do a simple test. Extend your right index finger and press it to your lips, as if you were saying "Shh!" In this case, the tip of the finger should rest against the base of the nose. While chewing and helping yourself with your lower jaw, press your nose against your finger. As a result, the nose wrinkles and, if it has a curvature, this will become apparent. Note that doing the opposite - pressing your finger on the base of the nose - is wrong.

Step 2

If you have a slightly crooked nose, cover it up with makeup. You will need a foundation in three shades: the main one, which is applied to the entire face, lighter than the main one (highlight) and darker than the main one (contour). Highlight on the middle of the nose in a straight line. Contour darken the space on the sides up to the border with the highlight. Blend the color transitions well. In order to keep the nose as a whole does not stand out, use the highlight and contour also on other parts of the face. How to do this correctly, you can learn, for example, from the books of makeup guru Robert Jones.

Step 3

If you have a crooked nose and suffer from this, try the new development of Japanese scientists Nose Lifter. The operation of the device is based on electrical vibrations. It is recommended to use it for 3-5 minutes daily, and the result in the form of a beautiful straight nose will not keep you waiting. In any case, this is what the developers promise.

Step 4

To correct severe cases of a crooked or crooked nose, consider rhinoplasty. If the defect of the nose is congenital, then the operation can be performed not earlier than 18 years of age. It is better to go to a trusted doctor who had one of your friends operated on and got a good result.

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