How To Enlarge Your Chin

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How To Enlarge Your Chin
How To Enlarge Your Chin

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The correct facial features look harmonious and attractive, but sometimes nature is tricky. She can, for reasons known only to herself, reward a person with a disproportionately small chin. Chin imbalance can also be caused by injury or birth defects. Alas, this cannot be corrected with exercises or folk remedies. Only plastic surgery will help to enlarge the chin.

How to enlarge your chin
How to enlarge your chin


Step 1

There are several ways to enlarge the chin, but they all require a visit to a specialist. Decide how you would like to see your chin, listen to the opinion of a plastic surgeon, find out how the operation will take place, what complications may arise, prepare for the operation, following all the doctor's recommendations, take tests.

Step 2

Non-surgical chin correction is possible if the chin needs to be increased by only 0.5-1 cm. This method of correction consists in the fact that new contours of the chin are formed due to the patient's own soft tissues from under the patient's submental bone. Skin punctures are made with a thin needle in certain places, after which the new contours of the chin are fixed with special non-absorbable biological threads. The rehabilitation period is very short - several hours, no visible traces of the intervention remain from this method.

Step 3

The low-traumatic method takes root better. The effect of such an operation is quite persistent. However, part of the fat is subsequently absorbed, although the other part remains in the chin forever. On average, the edema after the operation completely disappears in 2-3 weeks, the effect of lipoliftig lasts 4-8 months.

Step 4

Genioplasty is performed to change the outer contours of the chin and its size. This method involves sawing the bone and securing the sawn piece with medical pins in a new location. Such a radical intervention on the bones is quite traumatic, the postoperative period requires more time, inpatient treatment and mandatory compliance with all the prescriptions and recommendations of the doctor. Genioplasty is an alternative to chin augmentation with implants.

Step 5

Implantation of synthetic materials involves a 3-4 cm incision in soft tissues in the oral cavity, through which the implant is placed into the chin area. This type of operation allows you to hide the postoperative stitches. The implantation method is widespread enough. Puffiness after such operations is not clearly expressed, it disappears completely after a couple of months. The stitches are removed on average after two weeks.

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