How To Heal A Scar

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How To Heal A Scar
How To Heal A Scar

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It is extremely difficult to get rid of a scar at home or using folk methods, because it is damaged skin and various lotions can only aggravate the condition. Some scars are just starting to grow - and it's not even about the skin cells, but about internal processes. It all depends on the type of scar and condition. You can take advantage of the whole range of scar removal services offered by the clinics.

How to heal a scar
How to heal a scar


Step 1

Microdermabrasion is used on loose and not very prominent scars of a small size. If that's one of those, find any beauty parlor that offers chemical peeling services. Of course, after the procedure, there will be a burn, but it will disappear over time, and healthy skin will be in its place.

Step 2

Excision of the scar with surgical techniques, when part of the skin is removed with a scalpel, is used on extensive scars. This method is used in extreme cases, but if you have measured the scar and found that its length is more than 5-7 cm and it has a width of 1 cm or more, then this is the best option for you. Contact a plastic surgery clinic, just do not be alarmed: the procedure is not very expensive, but the effect is amazing.

Step 3

Burning out damaged skin with a laser is the most common method of removing scars, but not always effective. In difficult cases and with a high density of damaged tissue, you will have to do this repeatedly. During excision, pain is possible, which is partially relieved by painkillers. The healing process is long and depends on tissue regeneration. After laser burning, the skin has a whitish color, but over time it becomes comparable to the main tone. The price will please you, so you can choose this technique, but consult a specialist first.

Step 4

Laser plus a special tool. This method is good for many, but not for everyone. The laser in this combination does not burn the skin, but only contributes to the action of the product. You can consult about such a procedure in any paid clinic in your city.

Step 5

There are various creams, but they can only be used after visiting the hospital. They accelerate regeneration and have a resorbing effect. Colloidal scars cannot be eliminated this way - complications are possible. The doctor should inform about the drug and the duration of treatment after examining the problem area. Applying something on your own is very dangerous, but not so much for health as for beauty.

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