How To Remove Moles

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How To Remove Moles
How To Remove Moles

Video: How To Remove Moles

Video: How To Remove Moles
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Moles can be both an adornment and an annoying nuisance, depending on how large they are, where they are located and whether they interfere with your life. In some cases, moles need to be removed - for example, when they are constantly injured and exposed to harmful effects, which means they increase the risk of melanoma.

Moles must not be removed without consulting a doctor
Moles must not be removed without consulting a doctor


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The main thing to remember is that you cannot remove moles without the agreement of a doctor, and even more so you cannot do it yourself. You can remove a mole professionally and safely only in a medical office.

There are several procedures for removing birthmarks - you can choose the most suitable one.

Step 2

One of the oldest methods of removal is surgical excision. Today, excision is practically not used due to its pain and complexity for the patient. A more gentle method of eliminating moles is electrocoagulation, during which the mole is exposed to current and destroyed, as well as laser removal of shallow birthmarks.

Step 3

A popular method for removing moles is cryodestruction - the effect of liquid nitrogen, which is most often used for protruding moles.

Step 4

After your birthmark is removed by any of the procedures, the tissue of the mole will be sent for histological analysis to eliminate the risk of cancer cells.

Step 5

After removing the mole, you need to follow the doctor's recommendations - do not visit tanning salons and do not stay in the bright sun for some time, protect the operation site from ultraviolet radiation, and also protect the place of the former mole from physical damage until it is completely healed.

Step 6

If you want to lighten a mole, make sure that it is not malignant, and try a folk remedy - ordinary petroleum jelly, with which you smear a mole, you will gradually lighten it, and it will disappear.

Step 7

You can also apply a linseed oil and honey compress to the mole, or rub it with pineapple juice.