How To Plump Lips

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How To Plump Lips
How To Plump Lips

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Every third woman dreams of beautiful and voluminous lips. Plump lips appeal to men and make a girlish face look young and attractive. But what if nature has not so generously endowed you?

How to plump lips
How to plump lips


Step 1

Try to visually enlarge your lips with the right makeup. First, use a care balm that will moisturize your lips and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Apply a lighter concealer along the contour of the lips to add volume. Then, with a light skin color pencil, draw a line just above the lip contour, starting at the corner in the center of the upper lip. Lift the tips of the lips, connecting the outer corners to the center of the upper lip. This will make the face look younger. Beginning from the middle of the lips, do not paint over the contour. Use a light lipstick and gloss with a wet lip effect. The more shimmery particles, the fuller the lips look. Dark, bright shades are not for you - it will make your lips smaller and accentuate the nasolabial folds.

Step 2

Choose lip glosses and creams that add volume with special ingredients. Menthol and pepper extract can temporarily create a slight swelling on the lips. The constant use of products with hyaluronic acid and collagen will make the skin of the lips more hydrated, smoother and more beautiful, and remove fine wrinkles around the mouth.

Step 3

Be careful when applying cosmetic methods. It is important to choose a good specialist who will achieve the effect with minimal impact. If, in addition to adding volume, you want to change the contour of the lips, take an interest in lip tattooing. With the help of a special apparatus, safe pigment particles are injected under the skin. The effect lasts from several months to five years

Step 4

Keep in mind that of the radical methods for lip augmentation, the safest is contouring with filler. The beautician injects a biopolymer gel based on hyaluronic acid, which is part of the skin. In addition to the natural effect, contour plastic is good for its reversibility - the gel is completely excreted from the body after a few months.

Step 5

Think a few times before deciding on irreversible lip augmentation treatments. Lipofilling has a noticeable effect by increasing the volume of the lips with their own fat cells, which are taken from the abdomen or thighs. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Lips will remain plump for life. To remove the volume that you are tired of, you will need to do a second operation. If you want to radically change the shape and volume of your lips, then your option is surgical lip plastic surgery under general anesthesia. When deciding on such a step, remember about possible complications and that the result will last for life.

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