How To Correct The Shape Of The Nose

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How To Correct The Shape Of The Nose
How To Correct The Shape Of The Nose

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Of all the facial features, it is the shape of the nose that women are not happy with most often. Modern cosmetology and medicine offer various ways to change the shape of the nose, from special makeup techniques to surgery.

How to correct the shape of the nose
How to correct the shape of the nose

It is necessary

  • - dark powder;
  • - darkening makeup base;
  • - blush;
  • - highlighter;
  • - book K.Maggio "Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face."


Step 1

The easiest way to reshape the nose is by sculpting. This is a makeup application technique in which dark powder is applied to the parts of the face that need to be visually reduced to darken the makeup or blush base. And on the areas of the face that need to be emphasized, a highlighter (brightening agent) is applied. Thus, if you have a wide nose, then apply a darkening agent to the wings of the nose, and lighten the bridge of the nose. Also hide the hump and long tip of the nose with dark powder.

Step 2

You can try to reshape your nose with facial aerobics. American cosmetologist Carroll Madgio has developed a whole range of exercises, among which there are those that, according to the author, make it possible to shorten and narrow the nose. Exercises are illustrated in detail in her book Aerobics for Skin and Facial Muscles.

Step 3

The shape of the nose can be corrected by injections of collagen fillers. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia in a few minutes. The filler is injected through a needle under the skin where it is dispensed to reshape the nose. The hump, for example, can be hidden by adding filler above and below it. This leads to a lifting of the skin to the level of a hump, which becomes invisible. But this method is short-lived, because the filler is completely absorbed in 12-18 months and the procedure has to be repeated. In addition, it does not allow to reduce the size of the nose and reshape the nostrils.

Step 4

A radical way to correct the shape of the nose is an operation called rhinoplasty. It allows you to change any shape of the nose. During the operation, the surgeon uses a chisel and hammer to remove bone tissue to create a new shape for the nose. The cartilage is removed with special scissors. After the operation, a bandage is applied to the nose, which can be either gauze or plaster, depending on the type of operation. The bandage must be worn for at least a week. After 15-20 days, the swelling disappears from the face and only then it is possible to see the approximate results of the operation. The final effect of rhinoplasty is assessed after a year.

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