How To Remove Excess Hair Permanently

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How To Remove Excess Hair Permanently
How To Remove Excess Hair Permanently

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There are not many ways you can permanently remove unwanted body hair. Shaving, waxing, depilation, unfortunately, have an effect only for a while.

How to remove excess hair permanently
How to remove excess hair permanently


Step 1

In order to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, you should go to a beauty salon. There you will be offered a choice of one of the newest and very expensive methods. This is either electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Step 2

Choose electrolysis. It is deservedly considered the most effective and reliable way to remove hair. The essence of the procedure is that a needle with a wiring is inserted into the hair follicle. After that, an electric current is launched through it, which burns the hair root. A burnt-out follicle will never produce new hairs. This procedure is suitable for absolutely every woman and does not depend on the color and structure of the skin and hair. Unwanted vegetation can be removed from almost any part of the body. It is used even where laser removal is unacceptable, for example, around the eyebrows. However, it should be noted that electrolysis takes a fairly long period of time. After all, each follicle must be exposed to the current.

Step 3

Despite the fact that electrolysis is considered the safest method, it can cause some complications: swelling, redness. Therefore, contact only professionals in beauty salons that have proven themselves on the positive side. Otherwise, you risk getting an infection that causes scarring and discoloration of your skin.

Step 4

If you want the hair removal procedure to take less time, then give preference to laser hair removal. Its essence lies in the fact that the specialist directs intense light pulses to the area of ​​unwanted hair growth. As a result, the temperature of the follicles rises, they are destroyed, and the hair falls off. The procedure is carried out in 2 stages. At a time, only that part of the hair that is in the phase of active growth is removed, which is approximately 80%. The rest will appear on the body after a while. They will also need to be removed. Please note that laser hair removal is quite harmful. It often causes swelling and redness in patients after the procedure. Some even develop scars, blisters, changes in the color and structure of the skin.

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