How Tattoo Can Enlarge Lips

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How Tattoo Can Enlarge Lips
How Tattoo Can Enlarge Lips

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Tattooing is a very popular procedure among young girls and women. With its help, you can completely correct the shape of the lips, as well as their color and volume. Sometimes the lips can have various birth defects: all of this can be corrected with the help of tattooing.

Lip tattoo
Lip tattoo


Step 1

Lip tattooing is carried out by a master in a beauty salon or in a beauty parlor. Before starting the procedure, he discusses with the client the desired lip shape and color. There are no restrictions on the choice: the color of a tea rose, caramel, bright red, and so on. If you want to lift the drooping corners of the lips, then with the help of a tattoo procedure, this is also possible.

Step 2

First, the master draws a contour with a pencil, then smears it with ointment - this is a local anesthesia. Some anesthetize with a shot. When it works, the master begins to make a tattoo with a special machine: inject dye into the lips with a thin needle. It lasts about half an hour. The tattooing procedure is not painful, but unpleasant sensations are inevitable.

Step 3

Upon completion of the procedure, the master must prescribe anti-inflammatory and healing agents that must be used. In the first week after tattooing, it is forbidden to eat hot dishes, sunbathe, visit a sauna or steam room. The next day after tattooing, a crust appears on the lips, which cannot be touched with your hands, much less ripped off. It should dry out and fall off on its own. If the client is not satisfied with something, then the correction is possible only after three weeks, when the lips are completely healed.

Step 4

Lip tattooing can be done in whole or in part. Absolute filling is suitable for those who wish to change their lip color. This technique also allows for a noticeable increase in the volume of the lips. There is also a technique for applying lip contour. It is suitable for those who are satisfied with the shape of the lips, but have a slightly blurred outline. You can increase the size of the lips with the help of tattooing above the lip and below the lip. As a result, the lips become visually more voluminous and more prominent. At the request of the client, the master can perform lip tattooing with shading.

Step 5

People with increased fragility of blood vessels, various malignant formations, blood diseases, suffering from epilepsy, HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, as well as those who have a weakened immune system, are prohibited from tattooing their lips.

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