How To Pierce The Ear

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How To Pierce The Ear
How To Pierce The Ear

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Wearing earrings is at the peak of its popularity today. However, if even ten years ago, children had their ears pierced as soon as they left the hospital, today parents leave the right to choose their children and do not make hasty decisions. Regardless of age, experts recommend piercing ears only in special institutions that have permission for this.

How to pierce the ear
How to pierce the ear

It is necessary

Earrings, alcohol, Levomekol ointment, hydrogen peroxide 3%, a puncture needle


Step 1

Decide on the salon in which you will pierce your ears. It is better that it is a medical center or a proven salon with good recommendations. People with medical education and extensive work experience work in such places. You can be sure that they will do everything right. If it is not possible to go to the salon, ask friends or close people whom you trust to make a puncture. In extreme cases, you can do this procedure yourself.

Step 2

Prepare earrings in advance to be inserted into your ears. Traditionally, it is believed that the first earrings should be in yellow gold. This noble metal tends to heal wounds faster than earrings made from other materials. Be sure to remove dirt from them and disinfect with an alcohol solution. Place in a clean container and do not open until your ears are pierced.

Step 3

Disinfect the needle. Locate and mark the site of the ear piercing. Treat the lobe with alcohol and pierce the selected area with a needle. Wipe the earlobe again with rubbing alcohol and put the earring in your ear. Then lubricate the entire earlobe with Levomekol ointment and wait until it dries completely, and only then can you leave the room and go outside.

Step 4

Treat the puncture site with ointment at least twice a day. And in no case do not remove the earrings until complete healing, as you can disturb the wound, and it will heal even longer. In cases of severe pain and purulent discharge from the puncture site, be sure to consult a doctor.

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