Is It Possible To Insert Silicone Into The Buttocks

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Is It Possible To Insert Silicone Into The Buttocks
Is It Possible To Insert Silicone Into The Buttocks

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Gluteoplasty is recommended for aesthetic reasons. It is possible to enlarge, improve, correct the shape of the buttocks with the help of silicone in case of muscle atrophy, asymmetry or deformation of this part of the body. Surgical operation to install implants is in demand not only by women, but also by the stronger sex.

Is it possible to insert silicone into the buttocks
Is it possible to insert silicone into the buttocks

The main indications for gluteoplasty

It is possible to insert silicone into the buttocks with congenital underdevelopment of the gluteal muscles, prolapse of the buttocks, uneven distribution of adipose tissue, sagging skin due to a sharp decrease in weight, and a small pelvis in men.

The plastic surgeon pre-examines the patient, selects the implant. The aim of plastic surgery is to obtain harmonious buttocks that correspond to the overall constitution of the whole body.

Implants can be smooth, textured, round, or anatomical. Cohesive silicone gel is in a very dense shell, which ensures bioinertness of the used prostheses and the complete absence of silicone interaction with the surrounding tissues.

How is the preparation for plastic surgery going?

The patient is prescribed a general examination to exclude the main contraindications. In addition, a general and biochemical blood test, a coagulogram is required. With diseases of the hematopoietic system, endocrine pathologies, inflammatory, oncological diseases, obesity and diabetes mellitus, you will have to refuse gluteoplasty.

How silicone is inserted into the buttocks, and how long is the recovery period

The buttocks are corrected under general anesthesia. In the intergluteal folds, a 5 cm incision is made, an implantation pocket is formed. The endoprosthesis is placed between the gluteus maximus and gluteus maximus muscle. After that, the incisions are sutured, treated with antiseptics and put on compression hosiery for the operated patient.

The patient spends two days in the clinic. The full recovery period lasts from one to two months. The stitches are removed after two weeks. During the recovery period, it is recommended to limit physical activity, baths, saunas, swimming pools, solariums. You cannot sleep on your back and sit for two weeks.

Today, gluteoplasty is considered the most effective, efficient and safe method for changing the shape of the buttocks. Implants do not move or move over time, which is a guarantee of a long-term result. Buttocks plasty makes it possible not only to make flat buttocks voluminous, but also allows them to be lifted, to give the desired shape and size.

When choosing a clinic for the operation, it is worth paying attention to those medical institutions that have been successfully engaged in buttock plastic surgery for many years. The result directly depends on the experience of the plastic surgeon.

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