What Is Laser Whitening

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What Is Laser Whitening
What Is Laser Whitening

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Laser whitening is a procedure for lightening the enamel of teeth, based on the action of an oxygen-containing gel and a laser beam. It allows you to whiten your teeth with minimal impact on their structure.

white-toothed snake
white-toothed snake

An attractive smile with perfectly straight and white teeth is today considered an indicator of social prestige. Any dental clinic provides teeth whitening services, and if it does not yet, then it is probably going to do it, since this direction is in demand more than ever. There are several methods of whitening, and one of them is laser whitening. What is it?

Whitening mechanism

First of all, the dentist carefully examines the patient's oral cavity for enamel cracks, caries, poor-quality restoration and other defects that may affect the final result. Only after receiving a complete picture, the doctor makes a verdict on the expected result of whitening and possible side effects. The patient is put on protective goggles and thoroughly cleaned and removed deposits. Then the teeth and gums are thoroughly dried. The latter are additionally covered with a protective material.

Next, a special oxygen-containing gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth and treated with a laser for 30 seconds in the same sequence as when applying the gel. Under the influence of a laser, the gel breaks down into particles. The active oxygen released during the chemical reaction penetrates deeply into the dentin and tooth enamel, neutralizing the pigments present there, which give the teeth a yellowish and brown tint. In this case, the laser beam takes on the functions of a catalyst, promoting the rapid penetration of oxygen into the enamel and enhancing the whitening effect.

During the entire procedure, the doctor is guided by the patient's condition: when an unfavorable or unwanted sensitivity occurs, the energy density is reduced or reduced. In case of accidental contact of the gel with soft tissues or skin, they are immediately covered with a thick layer of gel with vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant suppresses burning and irritation. At the end of the procedure, the gel is removed and the oral cavity is irrigated. The teeth are treated with fluoride gel and irradiated for 15 seconds. Fluoride, coupled with laser energy, makes teeth resistant to future acid attacks. If the patient remains dissatisfied with the achieved effect, the procedure can be repeated after 2 weeks.


Laser whitening is a fairly safe procedure for the structures of the hard tissue of teeth, soft tissue and living pulp, subject to strict consideration of indications and contraindications, as well as strict adherence to the whitening algorithm. The technique allows you to achieve a long-term aesthetic result with minimal risk and cost.

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