Laser Removal Of Warts: Reviews, Consequences

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Laser Removal Of Warts: Reviews, Consequences
Laser Removal Of Warts: Reviews, Consequences

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Laser removal of warts is a popular procedure today because it is painless and effective in combating ugly neoplasms. The mini-operation has no negative consequences, its reviews are mostly positive.

Laser wart removal
Laser wart removal

Have neoplasms appeared on the body? Do you consider them dangerous for the body and think that the consequences of inaction can lead to the appearance of new growths? There is no need to start worrying about this in advance, to take care of your nervous system. First you need to sign up for a consultation with a specialist oncodermatologist. After examination, he will prescribe an effective treatment for the warts. And if, after the tests carried out, their removal is shown, the procedure will be carried out using a laser. Today, laser wart removal is very popular. Reviews about the consequences of its implementation are mostly positive, so everyone who has problems of a similar nature should pay attention to this procedure.

removal of warts reviews
removal of warts reviews

Observing the growth and condition of the wart

The following factors should serve as a reason for raising anxiety:

  • an increase in the appearance of the build-up;
  • the occurrence of inflammatory foci next to it;
  • a change in the color of the nevus itself (from darkening or, conversely, to lightening);
  • the occurrence of itching and pain in her area;
  • the formation of roughness on the surface of the wart, peeling, torn edge;
  • the growth of neoplasms on it.

The experts' comments are reduced to ensuring that patients constantly monitor warts, moles and papillomas located in places of contact with clothing in order to avoid future consequences in the form of irritation of these places. This removal is performed with a laser.

Features of laser wart removal

You can remove warts in beauty parlors, where, after the procedure, not even a trace will remain from the location of the papillomas. The procedure is carried out as prescribed by a specialist doctor, or at the request of the client. But first it is necessary to be examined by an oncodermatologist, to do tests to detect contraindications to the planned operation.

Such operations are carried out at a high level, this is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. Laser removal of warts (papillomas) is safe, effective and painless. The duration of the removal of one neoplasm lasts from 4 to 5 minutes. If the growth is very large, your doctor may suggest anesthesia.

removal of wart consequences
removal of wart consequences

Often, clients of beauty salons are worried about the negative consequences that may happen after a mini-surgery. But experts say that no scars remain on the skin, and the patient is ultimately satisfied with his aesthetic appearance. Small growths are removed without a trace. Removal with a laser relatively quickly heals nevus scars. The procedure is performed without bleeding, because the vessels are clogged with a laser beam during the process.

Benefits of using this method

This method of getting rid of warts has several advantages.

  1. Can be used to remove warts on the face, on the inside of the lips.
  2. Apply in hard-to-reach places (genitals, eyelids).
  3. It is a warning of the possible dispersion of malignant neoplasms around the site of the removed wart.

Important: after the operation, in order to eliminate all negative consequences and fears, it is necessary to conduct a study for histology.

laser wart removal
laser wart removal

Contraindications for laser removal of neoplasms

According to doctors, it is forbidden to remove growths with a laser if there is diabetes mellitus, there are diseases of an oncological nature, in a state of immunodeficiency, during lactation and pregnancy, immediately after sunbathing.

After the procedure for removing warts, it is necessary to follow all the doctor's recommendations to prevent the healing of the scar site in order to avoid negative consequences. If such a place is located on the face, then it is better to refrain from going to the beach and visiting the solarium for several days.

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