How To Remove Scars Without A Laser

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How To Remove Scars Without A Laser
How To Remove Scars Without A Laser

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Repulsive scars left on the skin after acne, burns, surgery or cuts do not add to the attractiveness of anyone. Fortunately, modern cosmetology has the means to get rid of any scars and scars. The most popular method is laser resurfacing, but there are plenty of options besides it.

How to remove scars without a laser
How to remove scars without a laser


Step 1

You can remove the scar surgically. To do this, the cosmetic surgeon actually cuts out the scar, leaving an almost invisible intradermal cosmetic suture in its place. In a similar way, scars from inflammation on the skin are removed: acne or acne. The doctor performs a subcutaneous excision, getting rid of the healed tissue.

Step 2

An effective method is mechanical resurfacing of the skin area containing the scar. According to the principle of operation, the process does not differ from laser resurfacing and is the removal of scar tissue in layers. This procedure is quite painful, therefore it is performed under local anesthesia. After the end of the resurfacing course, rehabilitation measures with the use of drugs are mandatory.

Step 3

Chemical peels also successfully fight scars and scars. The damaged skin is deeply influenced with the help of fruit acids, which activate the process of skin regeneration. This method works well for rejuvenation by getting rid of stretch marks or wrinkles.

Step 4

To smooth the upper layer of the epidermis, a procedure called mesotherapy is often used, during which the patient is injected with a mixture of drugs that activate the body's production of collagen - connective tissue. This option is often used to restore the skin after surgery.

Step 5

If the scar or scar is fresh enough, then alternative methods can come to the rescue, a significant part of which is approved and recommended by cosmetologists. This method includes masks made of blue clay, which perfectly relieve the skin of traces of small cuts, massage with almond oil, which accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, massage with essential oils. In addition, masks from bodyagi and masks from nutmeg have an excellent regenerating effect. However, the duration of treatment with folk remedies is quite long - on average, recovery takes six months.

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