What Does Eyebrow Tattoo Look Like?

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What Does Eyebrow Tattoo Look Like?
What Does Eyebrow Tattoo Look Like?

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A cosmetic change of eyebrows or tattooing gives a woman's face completeness, harmony and individuality. There are several techniques and methods for tattooing eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattoo
Eyebrow tattoo

It is necessary

Eyebrow tattoo artist, tattoo paint, cosmetic petroleum jelly, dry and wet wipes


Step 1

Types of tattooing. Soft shading: as a result of tattooing, the eyebrows look like they have been tinted with shadows or a contour pencil. Hair tattoo is done with strokes. Only high-class specialists are able to draw hairs from root to tip. In this case, the direction of the hairs can be different: this is an oriental technique for performing hair tattooing. European technique involves the execution of strokes with respect to the interval between them. "Voluminous eyebrows" - combine the background technique and hair. Permanent make-up is performed with pigments of different shades (dark and light alternating). The result looks natural, natural and voluminous.

Step 2

Before the procedure. On the day of the procedure, you need to wash your hair, since you cannot wet your eyebrows after tattooing for 3 weeks. You should come to the master without makeup or with minimal makeup: your eyes may water. You should take wet and dry wipes with you. Tattooing should be done on free days or on weekends, so that you can sit at home for a couple of days after the procedure.

Step 3

The procedure itself. First, the client, together with the master, discusses the future shape and color of the eyebrows. After that, the master draws the shape of the eyebrows with a contour. Before applying anesthesia, you can look in the mirror and make any adjustments. Anesthesia is a special cream that is applied generously to the eyebrows. As soon as the anesthesia works, the master gets to work. Tattooing is performed using a special apparatus. It looks like a small writing fountain pen with a fine needle.

Step 4

Feel. During the procedure, the sensations are far from pleasant. After all, the master scratches strokes along the growth of the eyebrows. Every contour and stroke is painful, so the eyes begin to water automatically. You need to be prepared for this mentally. The duration of the procedure for both eyebrows is 1 hour.

Step 5

The result of the tattoo can be seen in a week, when the formed crusts come off. New eyebrows will constantly look well-groomed, they will be easy to pinch along the contour and care for them. Correction in the salon will need to be done in a month or two.

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