When Can You Correct The Curvature Of The Teeth?

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When Can You Correct The Curvature Of The Teeth?
When Can You Correct The Curvature Of The Teeth?

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Not everyone can boast of a dazzling smile. This is due to uneven teeth. This problem can arise for a number of reasons: heredity, bad habits, developmental disorders.

You can correct the curvature of your teeth at any age
You can correct the curvature of your teeth at any age

Causes of the curvature of the dentition

In part, the blessings of civilization can be blamed for the fact that a person's teeth are not as strong as before. This is the fault of the soft food that is now consumed. If a father or mother corrected the bite and wore records in childhood, then there is a high probability that their child will go through this stage. The formation of the dentition occurs in childhood. Bad habits of the baby (biting the cheek, sucking fingers and nipples) can lead to curvature of the teeth. Sometimes the blame becomes too small underdeveloped jaw, which does not allow the teeth to grow in a straight line.

When can you correct the curvature of the teeth?

If there is a problem, then you shouldn't blame your parents and yourself. Modern technologies will help to correct the curvature of the teeth. Moreover, there is no age limit for this event. Smooth and beautiful teeth can be obtained in adolescence and adulthood. Depending on the period of his life, a person turned to a dentist for help, a treatment method will be chosen.

Plates are used to straighten teeth in children under 12-13 years old. At this time, the milk teeth have not yet been replaced by permanent ones. But braces are used to align permanent teeth in adolescents and adults. A feature of braces is that they are able to rotate a tooth in three planes and place it in the right place. With the help of the plates, you can solve more narrow tasks that are not subject to braces: to expand the jaw, wean you from sucking your finger or put your tongue between your teeth. Treatment with plates may precede the placement of braces.

It is best to start treatment to correct curvature of teeth in early childhood. It is this period that is most suitable, and the treatment is effective, not so long and expensive, since sometimes there is no need to install braces. Trainers can be used instead. They allow you to get rid of bad habits, correct bite, align your teeth when the jaw is not yet fully formed. When wearing trainers, the jaw muscles remember the correct position. Apparatuses are also used to consolidate the result obtained after treatment with braces in order to reliably fix the position of the teeth. Trainers do not require patients to wear them all the time. It is enough to wear them at night and for one hour during the day. This avoids psychological discomfort.

Modern braces

Modern braces are made from various materials. If the curvature of the dentition had to be corrected already in adulthood, then it is better to resort to sapphire or ceramic installations. They are the most inconspicuous, but their price is much higher than their metal counterparts.

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