Tattoo Removal: The Most Popular Methods

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Tattoo Removal: The Most Popular Methods
Tattoo Removal: The Most Popular Methods

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Tattoos made out of stupidity, in their youth, on a bet, subsequently bore their owners, and they try to get rid of them in every way. There are plenty of such methods now.

There are many ways to remove a tattoo
There are many ways to remove a tattoo

Tattoo removal procedure

The procedure for removing a tattoo is striking in its high cost, because equipment that costs several thousand dollars is used for this. The owners of body images themselves are still afraid of the soreness of the entire operation, the possibility of infection, scars, and discoloration of the skin. It is impossible to completely remove the tattoo. How good the result will be depends on: location of the picture, color, size, age of application, used paints. Old tattoos are easier to remove than new ones. A person, coming to the salon, must understand that his tattoo will remain forever.

Methods for converting a tattoo

Chemical peels are one way to remove unwanted tattoos. It is considered obsolete but is still used by some wizards. The method consists in the gradual removal of the upper layers of the skin along with the pattern. But this procedure is suitable only for those whose pigment has not penetrated into the deep layers of the dermis.

The surgical method of tattoo removal has many disadvantages: scars, long recovery. The surgeon essentially does a skin graft, cuts off the one with the pattern, and sews on a new one. Laser removal is the more popular and modern method. This procedure is very painful, takes place in several stages, which stretches the whole process for a long time. After the laser, scars and scars remain. Liquid nitrogen freezes not only warts, but also tattoos. Cryotherapy is another way to get rid of drawings on the body.

There are special creams on sale for combining tattoos. Here are some famous brands: Dermasal Tattoo Removal Cream, Tattoo off, Profade. The use of such drugs should be done with caution, as clinical trials have shown that creams can cause skin cancer. In Japan, Africa, products containing hydroquinone and trichloroacetic acid are prohibited. And these are the main components of some creams for tattooing. It is better to give preference to the following brands: Fadeplex, TAT-Med. Their products are based on the ingredient Chromabrigth. The advantage of this method of tattoo removal is: painlessness, no surgical intervention, no scarring. The downside is the duration of the tattooing course - 6-18 months.

The tattoo can not be removed, but simply disguised. To do this, a new one is applied to the place of the old drawing, while the paint of the same shade as the leather is used. This method is used to mask bright and large tattoos. On closer examination, you can see a catch, but if the master is experienced, then nothing will be noticeable.

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