How To Pump Lips With Silicone

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How To Pump Lips With Silicone
How To Pump Lips With Silicone

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Lip augmentation with silicone is a controversial procedure. Silicone does not always look natural and has a fairly large list of contraindications. When injecting silicone into the lips, you should be careful not to overdo it with its amount. This procedure is suitable for you if you want to increase the volume of your lips for a very long time.

How to pump lips with silicone
How to pump lips with silicone


Step 1

Silicone is able to take absolutely any shape due to its composition and properties. If you decide on lip augmentation in this way, first of all, choose a proven clinic and a surgeon with extensive experience in this field. Sign up for a consultation with a specialist. Before the silicone lip augmentation procedure, go to the necessary doctors, get tested. Contraindications to this operation are blood clotting disorders, chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, age up to 18 years, autoimmune diseases, mental disorders. Also, the doctor considers the feasibility of lip augmentation for each specific patient. Surgeons do not undertake augmentation of lips that are too thin, and also do not enlarge lips to too large a size.

Step 2

Discuss all the nuances with your doctor and ask your questions. Do not forget to report the presence or absence of allergies to pain medications. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Choose the day that suits you, preferably no later than 5 days before the start of your period. Before the operation, conclude an agreement for a paid service and put a signature in a document informing about certain risks during the procedure. Neither the doctor nor the clinic is responsible for the aesthetic effect obtained.

Step 3

It is best if the procedure is divided into several stages. For the first time, the surgeon will inject the minimum amount of the drug. The effect will not be noticeable to the eyes of others, but you will be able to feel and evaluate the effect of silicone on your body. If all goes well, after a while the surgeon may already be injecting a sufficient amount of silicone into the lips. It is impossible to completely remove this product from the lips. Some of it will remain in the body forever. Silicone is a foreign substance for our body, therefore, the volume is achieved not so much with the help of the drug itself, as thanks to the protective reaction of our body to the presence of foreign material. Therefore, after the procedure, the lips may increase in volume even more.

Step 4

During the operation itself, the surgeon will slowly and in small portions inject silicone into the lips, after which he will gently and evenly distribute the product with his fingers. Ask your doctor or nurse for a small mirror during your procedure. Monitor the procedure and the amount of injected drug. If you think that the lips have acquired sufficient volume, inform the surgeon about this, then subsequent injections will not be performed.

Step 5

After the procedure, do not eat coarse food, avoid going to the saunas and baths, and do not use cosmetics. Follow all your doctor's recommendations. Apply cool compresses to reduce swelling. If lumps appear, severe discomfort, swelling, persistent edema, consult a doctor immediately.

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