What Celebrities Corrected Their Nose

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What Celebrities Corrected Their Nose
What Celebrities Corrected Their Nose

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Plastic surgery is in great demand among modern celebrities. World stars are ready to pay big bucks to change their natural beauty.

What celebrities corrected their nose
What celebrities corrected their nose


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Hollywood celebrities often resort to rhinoplasty. Among the stars of the world scale, there are several people who have abruptly changed their appearance with the help of plastic surgery. Janet Jackson has been engaged in her singing activity for a very long time. This attractive lady has changed her appearance more than once, but still managed to stop in time. Her petite corrected nose makes her pretty face even more attractive.

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Scarlett Johansson has long worried about her fairly wide nose. She turned to plastic surgeons for help, who managed to make him narrower and more beautiful. However, this amazing girl is still trying to refute any rumors about the use of rhinoplasty.

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Angelina Jolie has a very attractive and striking appearance by nature. Men have always admired not only her figure, but also her face. But even such a gorgeous celebrity decided to slightly correct and narrow the septum of her nose.

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At one time, Jennifer Aniston had a very large and shapeless nose. Plastic surgery helped her to correct some natural defects and highlight the advantages. But she underwent even one such operation. Despite the obviousness of rhinoplasty, Jennifer is trying to convince fans that the operation was performed not because of some of her complexes, but on the advice of a doctor.

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Probably, Marilyn Monroe became the very first famous person who began to use the services of plastic surgeons. The rhinoplasty performed by them made her thin and neat nose delightful.

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Patricia Kaas has always been famous for her professionalism. She very quickly gained worldwide fame, but she was not too happy with her appearance. Her complexes made the singer decide on rhinoplasty, and the results of the operation met all her expectations. This beauty with a strong voice can be proud of her natural and beautiful nose.

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However, these are far from all celebrities who were embarrassed by their natural beauty and went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. These include the beautiful Britney Spears, who reduced the size of her nose, Helly Berry, who, due to rhinoplasty, made her nose thinner, Winona Ryder, who decided to change the shape of her nose. Among Russian stars, you can also see those who corrected their appearance with rhinoplasty: Ksenia Sobchak, Christina Orbakaite, Avraam Russo, Sergey Zverev, Alla Pugacheva and many others.

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