Removal Of Stretch Marks With Mesotherapy

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Removal Of Stretch Marks With Mesotherapy
Removal Of Stretch Marks With Mesotherapy

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The process of removing stretch marks on the body using folk methods can take several years. The best way to get rid of such a problem is timely prevention. At first, the scars on the skin are barely visible, but very soon turn into real scars. Mesotherapy is a method that allows you to quickly get rid of stretch marks and prevents their further appearance.

Get rid of stretch marks
Get rid of stretch marks


Step 1

The mesotherapy procedure is almost painless. This method consists in the introduction of special preparations under the skin using the finest needles. Medicines go directly to the stretch marks area and restore the healthy appearance of the skin almost instantly. The drugs used for mesotherapy do not cause allergic reactions, they are safe to use. However, the procedure itself has several limitations.

Step 2

Mesotherapy is contraindicated in the presence of any skin diseases and poor blood clotting. This procedure should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation. In the presence of any pathologies associated with vessels, this method of removing stretch marks will also have to be abandoned. Consultation with a specialist is an obligatory stage of mesotherapy.

Step 3

There are three methods of mesotherapy, and one of them can be carried out even at home. The clinics practice two methods of the procedure - mesh and multi-puncture. The first variant of mesotherapy is prescribed in the early stages of the appearance of stretch marks or for the treatment of the most delicate areas of the skin. The second option is applicable to already fully formed problems on the body. Injections are carried out manually using a syringe or a special apparatus, into which several needles with medications are inserted at once.

Step 4

Mesoscooter is a home remedy for stretch marks removal. The device is sold by pharmacies and specialized stores. Each mesoscooter must be accompanied by detailed instructions from the manufacturer and the rules for the procedure. The tool is available commercially, but before buying it, it is better to undergo an examination and consult with specialists. It is worth paying attention to the fact that before using the mesoscooter, the skin must be cleaned and lubricated with a special anesthetic cream.

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