Why Get Rid Of Moles

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Why Get Rid Of Moles
Why Get Rid Of Moles

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People who trust omens believe that a scattering of moles on the chest or back reflects the amount of happiness measured by nature to their owner. There is also a belief that moles cannot be counted, otherwise happiness will go away. It would seem, why remove moles if they are so useful. But doctors think differently.

Why get rid of moles
Why get rid of moles


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Doctors, when asked why moles are removed, answer as follows: with regular exposure to the sun, melanin begins to be produced more actively, which leads to the growth of moles. This is fraught not only with the disruption of these, but also with their degeneration into malignant and benign tumors.

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The greatest danger is posed by moles for white-skinned people. It is on their skin that melanomas are very often formed - fast-growing malignant tumors. Also, moles begin to degenerate during pregnancy, during menopause and other hormonal changes in the body.

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The question arises, why remove moles if they are flat, light and do not bother you? Indeed, such formations are best left alone. At least until the time. Remember, the mole must be constantly monitored, and if the first signs of rebirth are outlined - the size has increased, the color has changed or you injured it, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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When wondering why moles are removed, it should be borne in mind that such formations on the face and neck look unaesthetic, often touch the collars of shirts, and women are prevented from applying makeup. You can solve a similar problem in a beauty parlor or clinic. But in no case should you get rid of moles on your own.

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You need to know not only why, but also how moles are removed. Firstly, only a doctor should be trusted with this operation. Secondly, it is the physician who chooses the removal method depending on the nature of the neoplasm.

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Moles and warts are most painless to remove through low temperatures. The operation is performed using liquid nitrogen and is called cryodestruction. This method is good for flat spots and moles. After such an intervention, no scars remain.

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Those interested in how to remove moles should learn more about the laser method. It is a little more difficult than cryodestruction. After the operation, you cannot wet the place where the mole was for several days, and also protect it from the sun and cosmetics. Sometimes a pigmented spot forms there, which quickly disappears.

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Current therapy is very similar to a laser. The method is used for large and deep moles. Small scars are sometimes left after exposure.

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