How To Cast On Nails

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How To Cast On Nails
How To Cast On Nails

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A perfect look without well-groomed nails cannot be considered complete. Often, girls try to express their individuality by decorating their nails in all sorts of ways. One of the latest modern technologies is nail casting.

How to cast on nails
How to cast on nails

Design features

Casting is a beautiful pattern created on a strip of polymerized gel using foil embossing. On the nails, you can make bright beautiful drawings and inscriptions using liquid stones, sparkles, rhinestones, stickers, powder, gold and silver foil. To make such a manicure yourself, you need a minimum set of tools and accessories. It is performed mainly on artificial nails. To create it, use a special foil, gel or glue.

The procedure begins with nail extension, then the nails are covered with a special gel and placed under an ultraviolet lamp to dry for 5 minutes. After that, a foil is applied to the sticky gel surface, and the drying procedure is repeated. A bizarre image is obtained as a result of a sharp tearing of the foil from the nail plate.

Gold casting is the most popular among fashionistas. Thin strokes are drawn with glue, the surface is dried and a transfer foil is applied to it, after which it is abruptly torn off. On the remaining unpainted areas, the procedure is repeated from the beginning.

Foil for casting is purchased in specialized stores. It can be tear-off or transferable. The first is a small roll from which pieces are torn off. It is most often used to create designs on artificial nails. it is applied to the varnish in a rather chaotic manner, then covered with a fixer. The transfer foil is in the form of strips and thin tear-off sheets with a variety of patterns and shades. With its help, various original decorative curls and elements are created. In addition, there is a very easy-to-use foil with a protective film.

Casting on nails using "liquid stones"

The most fashionable and extravagant today is nail casting with sparkling "liquid nails". The effect of a three-dimensional pattern and play of stones are achieved by means of foil. To make such a manicure, you will need gold tear-off foil, brushes, art gels of different shades, stained glass gel, protective and sculptural gel, and an ultraviolet lamp.

First of all, you need to grind the nail plates with a file, then cut off the cuticle and draw a jacket with a white gel. Place your fingers under the lamp for a couple of minutes and apply a protective gel to the surface. Repeat polymerization. With a hair brush, draw wide lines with black art gel, again hold your fingers under the UV rays. Place the matte side of the foil over the lines shown on the nail and pull it off sharply. A beautiful golden trace will remain on the nail. Then follow the procedure with all the patterns.

Now you can start framing with "stones", paint blotches with colored gels, soak your nails for a few minutes under the lamp, cover with vintage gel and fix it under the rays. To make the decor more natural, you can use sculpting gel and a thin brush. Cure and coat your nails with a protective gel. Once again, secure the result under the lamp.

How to create a gold pattern with glue

Casting on nails can be done using special glue and transfer foil. First, draw a pattern on the plate. The color of the glue has a matte shade, but when it dries, it becomes transparent. To prevent the pattern from smearing, you can dry it slightly. Place the matte side of the foil on the pattern, press down firmly and tear off with a quick motion. A gold film will remain in place of the painting. If voids remain in the picture, you will have to repeat the procedure. Try to apply the foil gently without moving it.

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