What Is Fraxel

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What Is Fraxel
What Is Fraxel

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Fraxel is the latest skin rejuvenation treatment that works according to the fractional principle. To carry out the Fraxel procedure, complex technical equipment is used.

What is Fraxel
What is Fraxel

What is Fraxel or Fraxel?

During the procedure, a very thin laser beam acts on selected micro-areas of the skin. The diameter of the laser beam is thinner than a human hair, so it inflicts only micro-damage, after which the skin regenerates very quickly. Laser exposure crushes old and damaged fragments of collagen and elastin, which forces the human body to restore the micro-areas destroyed by the laser, literally creating a new layer of the epidermis.

In the old models of Fraxel, paint was applied to the treated areas, which is necessary to identify the areas of treatment requiring treatment. Modern devices do not require paint.

Fraxel perfectly helps to get rid of noticeable signs of aging, the roughest scars, irregularities and stretch marks, post-acne or the effects of acne, scars from cuts and burns, uneven pigmentation. It improves elasticity and turgor. With this procedure, you can remodel the surface of the skin, smooth out postoperative scars. If you believe the reviews, this procedure works wonders.

How does fraxel work?

Before starting fraksel, the cosmetologist cleans the skin with a superficial peeling, applies an ointment on a greasy basis on it so that the tip glides easily over the skin. After that, the doctor runs a specialized laser handle several times over the skin, usually the skin is processed along lines perpendicular to each other. The diameter of the nozzle depends on the area to be treated.

Fraxel is very fast. On average, about half an hour is spent on a person.

There may be slight swelling and redness of the skin in some of the treated areas after the completion of the procedure. Peeling ends in a week, if necessary, it can be removed with a light, non-traumatic scrub. One day after the completion of Fraxel, you can apply cosmetics and go about your daily activities.

Some time before the procedure, a cream with an analgesic effect is applied to the treated areas, which is needed to remove possible discomfort.

How to keep your Fraxel results for a long time?

However, to improve the skin after fraxel and to consolidate impressive results, you need to resort to sunscreen cosmetics, not to be under the bright sun for several months. Do not use too oily or heavy creams, especially in the first few days after the procedure. It is important not to forget about a moisturizer if your skin feels tight or dry. You should not drink alcohol for the first few weeks.

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