Lumineers: Cost And Features

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Lumineers: Cost And Features
Lumineers: Cost And Features

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Lumineers are a modern and safe way to create a snow-white smile. These are ultra-thin onlays made of ceramic materials. Lumineers are more expensive than veneers, but they are safer, and original products are made only in the USA.

Lumineers: cost and features
Lumineers: cost and features

Advantages of lumineers

The thickness of the veneers is about 0.4 mm. To install them, the dentist has to grind the top layer of the teeth so that the smile looks as natural as possible. The installation of lumineers is quite gentle: it is enough to treat the surface of the tooth with a special acid solution.

The patient can always remove the onlays from the teeth and regain their original, natural smile.

The procedure for installing lumineers is painless. Strong anesthesia is not required here. They are made of a material that is resistant to even very strong natural dyes. A snow-white smile is guaranteed for many years.

Lumineers are absolutely harmless, moreover, teeth susceptibility to caries decreases.

After installing the lumineers, you can eat anything you want, however, it is not recommended to gnaw hard objects with your teeth.

Disadvantages of Lumineers

Despite the fact that this procedure is painless and harmless, Lumineers have a number of disadvantages. First, they are very expensive, much more expensive than veneers. This procedure can only be afforded by people with a high level of income. Original aluminaires cost at least $ 700 per unit. Secondly, sometimes lumineers installed without turning make teeth larger than natural ones. It is possible to install luminescences using the traditional method - to first grind the teeth, but then this procedure will not be so safe. Thirdly, the installation of lumineers is a technically complex process. The dentist must be trained and qualified to perform this operation. If the onlays are not installed correctly, small gaps may form near the gums and the effect will not be the same.

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