What Is Laser Nanoperforation

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What Is Laser Nanoperforation
What Is Laser Nanoperforation

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Nanoperforation is a procedure aimed at skin rejuvenation, carried out using a special laser. The main feature of this method is the complete remodeling of irregularities and wrinkles.

Skin nanoperforation
Skin nanoperforation


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Traditionally, laser nanoperforation is used to rejuvenate the skin of the face, but recently, using this technique, a wide variety of body areas have been corrected. A distinctive feature of nanoperforation is the effectiveness of its application both for delicate skin around the eyes, neck and décolleté, and areas with coarser skin.

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For the implementation of nanoperforation, absolutely no surgical intervention or any preparatory actions are required. The laser does not heat up or damage the skin. Before the procedure, the patient is not given anesthetic drugs or anesthesia. The leather processing process is almost imperceptible.

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Wrinkles, scars and scars after nanoperforation are completely smoothed out. At first, a slightly reddish tint appears on the skin, but after a day this effect disappears. Skin renewal occurs through profuse peeling.

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There is no rehabilitation period for nanoperforation. A day after the procedure, the woman can return to her usual way of life. It is noteworthy that the negative consequences of laser treatment have not yet been identified by specialists. Nanoperforation does not cause allergies, swelling or other skin changes, but it is imperative to consult with experienced specialists.

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