Which Injections Are Better - Dysport Or Botox?

Which Injections Are Better - Dysport Or Botox?
Which Injections Are Better - Dysport Or Botox?

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Women and men at all times have struggled with wrinkles in affordable ways. Aesthetic medicine today offers injections to solve this issue, the most popular of which are botox and dysport.

Which injections are better - dysport or botox?
Which injections are better - dysport or botox?

It is worth saying that the main components of both botox and dysport are botulinum toxin type A. This drug is injected with a microscopic needle into the muscles, which causes their paralysis. The consequence is the inability to further reduce them. Thus, the problem of eliminating existing wrinkles and the appearance of new ones is solved.

There is no consensus among experts on the question of which drug is better at fighting mimic wrinkles, botox or dysport. Dysport has been found to cause more side effects than botox. Doctors explain this by the difference in dosages of botulinum toxin, which is part of one and the other drug. Dysport, as a stronger agent, has a higher concentration of the active substance in its composition. However, it should be said that there is no single dosage of the drug in botox and dysport injections.

Dysport is a stronger anti-wrinkle drug than Botox. However, it has more side effects, because it penetrates not only muscle tissue, but also neighboring ones. This, in turn, leads to side effects such as drooping eyebrows and drooping eyelids. Sometimes after the introduction of dysport, severe headaches occur. In this regard, cosmetologists mainly use botox in the eyelids, and dysport to eliminate wrinkles on the nose and forehead.

You need to know that Botox injections have gone through more complete safety and appropriateness studies compared to dysport.

Interestingly, the history of the use of Botox injections is longer and more extensive. It has been actively used in cosmetology since 1981, while dysport has been used only since 1990. It should be borne in mind that both brands are very famous in world medicine.

If we talk about cost, then dysport will cost a little less. However, its shelf life is two times shorter: for botox, it is two years, for dysport, one.

When deciding to eliminate wrinkles, the patient is primarily interested in the result. With regard to Botox injections, it is believed that the effect after the injection occurs later in comparison with dysport. Most likely, this is due to the higher concentration of botulinum toxin in the latter. However, it should be said that no matter what drug the patient chooses for himself, the maximum effect occurs on the 10-12th day after the procedure. Those who want to shine with the smoothness of the face and neck all the time should have at least three sessions a year.

It is noticed that if you inject dysport often enough, at least three times a year, then over the years the number of injections will decrease. This does not apply to Botox injections.

According to research, both botox and dysport have the same contraindications for use. In particular, these are various neurological diseases, pregnancy, lactation.

Of course, those who decide to take "beauty" injections should only go to the salon to a specialist who has all the certificates for this activity. Whatever way a person chooses to fight wrinkles and eternal youth, one must remember that neither botox nor dysport is a panacea and does not guarantee getting rid of wrinkles forever.

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