Facial Plastic Surgery Methods: Dimple Ectomy

Facial Plastic Surgery Methods: Dimple Ectomy
Facial Plastic Surgery Methods: Dimple Ectomy

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Dimples on the cheeks add charm to their owner. The smile of such a girl is able to defeat many men. Among the people, dimples are often called "the mark of happiness." They can also be done through plastic surgery.

Facial plastic surgery methods: dimple ectomy
Facial plastic surgery methods: dimple ectomy

Dimple ectomy is the name of a plastic surgery to create dimples on the cheeks. Often they are given to a person from birth and are small depressions that become noticeable only during a smile, and sometimes there is only one depression. Many people find dimples very attractive, but their appearance is due to the malformation of the zygomatic muscle. Only thirty percent of people from birth have this effect.

Such dimples look especially beautiful on chubby cheeks, but over time, the fatty tissue on the face decreases, while the dimples change their shape or disappear altogether. Often, small dimples on the cheeks in some evoke associations with playfulness and a somewhat infantile way. Many people dream of making their face childishly innocent, especially since men usually like it.

People who want to see small dimples on their cheeks can seek help from a plastic surgeon who can perform an operation called a dimplectomy. Currently, such an operation is very popular among girls living in England and America. They prefer to do exactly dimplectomy, and in the Russian Federation, such operations have not yet become fashionable.

Before surgery, the doctor will discuss with you where the dimples should be located and how deep they should be, all this will take place in consultation. This operation has no contraindications and is considered practically safe. But remember that you will not be able to return your cheeks to their previous appearance, since the operation is done for life, so think carefully about your decision. To begin with, the doctor will mark with a marker the areas on the cheeks where the future dimples will be located, then he will do anesthesia and proceed directly to the operation.

If desired, the intervention can be performed under general anesthesia if, for example, you are afraid of the sight of blood and fear that you might faint.

This operation takes about an hour, and after it you can safely go home. However, if you prefer general anesthesia, it is advisable to have a loved one accompany you on your way home, as after the anesthesia you may feel dizzy.

You can observe the dimples immediately after the operation, and over time, the suture will dissolve, and they can only be seen while smiling. After the operation, you may be bothered by discomfort and pain, which can be easily relieved by painkillers, which should be prescribed by a doctor after the procedure. They will need to be drunk within a week after the dimplectomy. Immediately after the operation, your doctor will also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and advise you to rinse your mouth after eating so that food particles do not get into the wound.

It is important to follow all the doctor's recommendations, so that healing will take place faster.

Facial care after surgery should be slightly different; natural cosmetics, for example, face cream with essential oils, will help you with this. Experts advise against applying various masks to the face in the postoperative period. Plastic surgeons recommend that you think carefully about the operation, because the dimples can become more noticeable over the years, because not everyone will be satisfied with this state of affairs.

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