Thermolifting Technique Algorithm

Thermolifting Technique Algorithm
Thermolifting Technique Algorithm

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Facelifts with the help of surgeries and injections are very radical, and not every woman can decide on them. A new gentle way of skin rejuvenation - thermolifting. It is also called radio lifting, and it is a breakthrough in cosmetology.

Thermolifting technique algorithm
Thermolifting technique algorithm

Thermolifting is a modern alternative to botox. This procedure is a rejuvenation and tightening of the skin using the thermal effect. When the skin is heated, its blood circulation is increased, collagen production is stimulated, the skin is literally strengthened from the inside. Wrinkles, protruding vessels, enlarged pores, pronounced nasolabial folds - thermolifting can easily cope with all this.

The effect is noticeable after the first procedure, however, as with most cosmetic methods, it is better to carry out a course of eight to ten procedures, depending on the condition of the skin. After a thermolifting session, no recovery time is required, since the skin surface is not injured. The rejuvenating effect after the procedures intensifies within six months, and lasts for several years in the future. Thermolifting is recommended for women after thirty-five years. Another important nuance is that thermolifting should not be carried out if you have already used, for example, botox, or other injections.

Hardware thermolifting cannot be used for skin diseases, tumors, oncological diseases, herpes, the presence of a pacemaker or defibrillator, metal implants, pregnancy and lactation.

The thermolifting procedure can be performed in a beauty salon using a special apparatus, where you can achieve the maximum effect and consult a cosmetologist who will tell you exactly how many procedures you need for your skin.

Mini devices for self-carrying out thermolifting at home can be found in specialized stores. Remember to cleanse your skin before the procedure, and apply a soothing cream after.

If it is not possible to visit a beauty salon, thermolifting can be arranged independently, without the help of a device. But it is worth noting that the effect will be less pronounced than when carrying out hardware thermolifting in a beauty parlor. Refrain from thermolifting for three months after a chemical peel.

So, first, cleanse your skin well and wash your hands with soap and water. Apply the most moisturizing cream to your face (it is better if it contains hyaluronic acid). Massage your face well along the massage lines (from the middle of the face to the temples). Pat your face lightly with your fingertips. Next, you need to take cotton swabs, and moisten in very hot water (but, of course, not in boiling water), apply to your face. As the cotton swabs cool, soak them again in water and apply. Repeat at least three times, face should be red with warmth.

The next step is washing your face. Then apply some kind of cooling mask, or rub the skin with an ice cube. However, if you have a lot of dilated blood vessels on your face, skip this step. Secure the result with a soothing or nourishing cream for your skin type.

Use this procedure regularly, and the result will not be long in coming. In addition to the above, there are special creams with a thermolifting effect on sale, which must be applied twice a day for six months.

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