How Fashionable To Paint Nails

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How Fashionable To Paint Nails
How Fashionable To Paint Nails

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How is it fashionable to paint nails? It's easier to say how out of fashion, since designers provide a huge field for imagination. The many different trends prevailing in the fashion world meet the aspirations of a wide variety of women of all ages. Choose what you like best.

How fashionable to paint nails
How fashionable to paint nails

It is necessary

  • - nail polish;
  • - set for French manicure.


Step 1

The key trend today is short nails that protrude only slightly above the fingertips. Even if you are not chasing the latest trends, you should know that long nails are not comme il faut these days. And, of course, extended nails are taboo and a sign of bad taste.

Step 2

The color palette of current manicure is quite extensive. The most fashionable manicure is the one that is made in shades of green: from pastels to dirty green. Do not be afraid to use all kinds of color varnishes: from delicate pastels to dark, matte.

Step 3

An unexpected novelty - “metallic” nails, as, for example, at the Missoni shows (spring / summer 2012). Colors - silver, golden, steel. The counter-trend is varnishes with a matte texture. You can even find clearcoats with a matte effect.

Step 4

The Art Deco style came into vogue. The Art Deco style took shape between 1908-1912 and flourished in the Roaring Twenties. The manicure, which was popular in the 20s of the last century, is called "lunar". This is a kind of French manicure, only "vice versa": not the tip is painted over with a light or contrasting color, but a hole at the base of the nail. It can be made curved in one direction (in the form of a crescent) or in the other. Even a combination of various textures is not prohibited: shiny and matte, metallic and satin. You can select both the holes and the tips of the nails at the same time.

Step 5

Nail art is still in vogue: geometry, abstraction and color blocks in the spirit of Piet Mondrian.

Step 6

Of course, the classic does not go out of fashion, and hence the noble scarlet manicure. Alignment - on the Hollywood film stars of the 40s.

Step 7

A trend that will delight young and creative people is thermovarnish. Nails painted with this varnish will change color depending on the ambient temperature.

Step 8

Well, a multicolor manicure (when each nail is painted in a different color), performed in the same range or with a degradation effect - from dark to light, is considered a special chic. Such a manicure will organically look on very short nails of an eccentric young person, but it can hardly be recommended to a serious business woman.

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