How To Draw Short Nails

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How To Draw Short Nails
How To Draw Short Nails
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Short nails are practical, comfortable and no less feminine than graceful nails of incredible length. Choosing a pattern for nails of this length is a little more difficult, but with the right choice of color and shape, the manicure will look interesting and stylish.

How to draw short nails
How to draw short nails


Step 1

Choose small items. Large patterns will not look on nails of short length, miniature, simple elements made with thin lines look best on them. Use fine brushes and toothpicks for design.

Step 2

The direction of the drawing must be vertical. Horizontal patterns will make short nails even wider and rounder, so visually lengthen them with a properly positioned pattern. Another trick is to apply the background coating not across the entire width of the nail, only in the center - attention will be drawn to the bright pattern.

Step 3

Opt for flat design. Any voluminous details (acrylic modeling, sequins, rhinestones, small stones) will reduce the length of the nails and deprive them of their attractiveness, so apply the drawing in the usual way.

Step 4

Apply base coat. You can choose any color you like. But keep in mind that for decorating short nails it is better to use no more than 2-3 shades so that the manicure does not look variegated, so think over the color concept in advance. Floral designs look brighter and more attractive on a light background, while abstract designs and wavy lines can be applied to a darker base for added contrast.

Step 5

Apply the drawing. Determine where the pattern is applied - it is better to place the elements along the edge (top or diagonally), without occupying the central part of the nail. Use suitable tools and apply elements to the surface - these can be floral motifs, geometric shapes, vertical stripes, various animalistic figures, mesh, peas, etc. Drawings located at the edge of the nail on only one side look good - they visually lengthen the nail plate. French manicure is a real find for short nails, so vary the color of the varnish and the thickness of the strip, choosing the most suitable combinations for nails of a certain shape. The edge of the nail is also great for a horizontal pattern - this exception is permissible only if there is no other image on the main surface.

Step 6

Secure with a pattern with a special cover. To ensure the longevity of the decor, apply one or two coats of nail polish or nail polish to your nails.

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