How To Learn How To Make Drawings On Your Nails

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How To Learn How To Make Drawings On Your Nails
How To Learn How To Make Drawings On Your Nails

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Nail art is a kind of art, but every girl can learn to make exclusive designs on her manicure on her own. Such an entertaining business will turn on the flight of your imagination, save your budget and possibly open up another talent of yours.

How to learn how to paint on your nails
How to learn how to paint on your nails


Step 1

First, you should purchase varnishes of different colors from the store. For expressive drawings and blending, you need black, white, green, blue tones. Base varnish and fixer will be needed first. Don't forget to buy toothpicks, rhinestones, and false nails. Several varnishes should be in special oblong jars, with narrow brushes for ease of drawing.

Step 2

Of course, you first need to practice what is better to do not on your nails, but on false nails or on glass. Because while you get used to it, you will ruin all your nails, after which you will not be able to make a good drawing, you will not even be able to just paint your nails.

Step 3

Take a false nail and apply a clear base polish. Wait until it dries up, followed by a second varnish - already colored, for example pink. Let's say you want to draw a flower. Using a brush, gently apply the red polish to the pink you just applied. Dropped five dots, and with a toothpick, connect the dots to the center of the flower. Then place a rhinestone in the middle of the pattern. Cover with fixing varnish, which will preserve your drawing for a longer time and prevent the rhinestone from falling off.

Step 4

The easiest way is to use ordinary adhesive nail art. You can find a sticker that looks pretty similar to the real patterns. One little trick is important here. Be sure to apply a transparent varnish on the pasted nail drawing, it is possible with sparkles, if they are appropriate. You will get the impression that your manicure has a live image.

Step 5

Another interesting and unusual method is drawing on nails with water. Take a small glass and pour water into it. There should be 2 varnishes on your table, such as black and turquoise. Start dripping black and turquoise varnish into the water in turn. Circles should form. Drip about 15 times. Now take a toothpick and stretch from the middle to the walls of the glass, you can run over all the circles several times. Nice divorces turn out. Wrap oilcloth around your fingers so that your nails are exposed. Then dip your painted turquoise nail polish into the drawing on the water and hold for a minute. Imagine, come up with different patterns, and make a unique manicure.

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