How To Make A Leopard Print On Your Nails

How To Make A Leopard Print On Your Nails
How To Make A Leopard Print On Your Nails
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Leopard print has not gone out of fashion for many years, it has gained a huge number of fans. Those who lack leopard patterns in their clothes and accessories can get this exotic print on their nails.

How to make a leopard print on your nails
How to make a leopard print on your nails

To make a leopard print on the nails, you need to prepare a varnish of 3 colors - the main one (preferably light), for spots (darker by a few tones) and black for outlining spots, as well as ordinary brushes and two thin brushes for applying a pattern.

1. First you need to degrease your nails, then cover them with a base tone varnish. It is better to start from the middle of the nail, and then apply varnish around the edges. Dry the main tone, cover the nails with a second layer of the same varnish, dry;

2. Put some spot polish on the palette and paint the spots with a thin brush, let them dry well. Do not try to make the shape of the picture the same and even - let there be different spots, this will give the picture the effect of naturalness;

3. Now you can circle the spots with black varnish: drop a little varnish on the palette and trace the drawing along the contour with a thin brush. If the contour turned out to be not too smooth and slightly "left" behind the drawing, then the inner part of the contour can be filled with varnish for spots. Allow this layer to dry well;

4. Apply a protective coating to nails to secure. For a manicure to last longer, apply a coating to the end of the nail - "seal" it.

The most daring experimenters can try completely different color combinations for the base, spots and strokes - the number of options is practically unlimited, just as the variety of varnish shades is not limited. There is only one recommendation - the main tone of the manicure should be lighter than the specks, and the stroke should be dark. Otherwise, it will no longer be a leopard print, but a fantasy on a free theme.

It is not necessary to achieve the complete similarity of the pattern to the skin of a leopard - play with colors and tones to invent your own, unique version of manicure.

With the help of gold and silver polish, you can make a festive version of the leopard print on your nails.

It is not necessary to cover all nails with this pattern - you can focus on one nail or cover part of the nail with a leopard print.

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