How To Remove Dirt Under Your Nails

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How To Remove Dirt Under Your Nails
How To Remove Dirt Under Your Nails

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Cleanliness of hands and nails is a guarantee of health. Dirty nails can lead to neglect. To make your hands look well-groomed, tidy, you need to take care of their cleanliness.

Cleanliness of nails is an indicator of a person's neatness
Cleanliness of nails is an indicator of a person's neatness

What is the impression of a person

No matter how nice and talkative a person is, the impression of him will not be for the better if he has dirt under his nails. This is an indicator of his uncleanliness and untidiness. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should carefully take care of yourself and your hands, namely, timely remove dirt under your nails. It appears constantly if a person does not wear gloves all the time. You just need to make a little effort and take a small amount of time to get your nails of hands and feet in order.

Dirt can cause fungal infections, inflammation, calluses and even deformation of the nail plate.

Brush your nails every day

You need to set aside time every day for nail care. It is best to do this in the evening, when all business is over, the person has taken a shower and is about to go to bed. To painlessly remove dirt under your nails, you need to purchase a wooden spatula and a special manicure brush. Sharp metal objects, scissors can damage the skin under the nail, which will lead to painful sensations. When cleaning, you must use soap so that the dirt softens and cleans well. Nails should be trimmed in a timely manner to help clean them quickly.

The dirt can be removed on its own after taking a shower with different gels, scrubs. And massaging the head while washing contributes to the mechanical removal of dirt from under the nails. You can brush steamed nails under water with a brush, while paying due attention to vulnerable spots near the cuticle.

It must be remembered that toenails are trimmed in a straight line, and on the hands - with a rounding edge.

Lemon juice is a versatile remedy. It is also useful for cleaning nails. Add a couple of drops of juice to a glass of water. Dip your fingers into the container and hold for a couple of minutes. After that, apply special oil to the cuticle and push it to the edges with a wooden spatula, and brush under the nails with a brush.

Avoid nail contamination

After working with the soil in the garden, there is always dirt under the nails. The use of gloves will help change the situation. Now there are a great variety of them: rubber, cotton, leather, suede. There is a little secret on how to keep your nails clean after doing dirty work: you need to run your nails over dry soap so that it remains under them. If you do not have gloves at hand, then you can use a plaster, close up the edges of your fingers with it.

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