How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails At Home

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How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails At Home
How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails At Home

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To learn how to draw patterns on your nails, try simple options - combinations of lines, dots, stylized flowers. More experienced craftsmen can create multi-colored compositions - bouquets, landscapes and even portraits. Use acrylic paints and thick enamels for nail art - they are easy to apply and combine with each other.

How to learn to paint on your nails at home
How to learn to paint on your nails at home

It is necessary

  • - nail polishes;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - a variety of brushes;
  • - palette;
  • - nail polish remover;
  • - protective base;
  • - top cover;
  • - artificial pearls;
  • - a tool for drawing points.


Step 1

Pick up tools and paints. To create your designs, you will need a few basic acrylics. By mixing them, you can increase the palette. Acrylic paints are applied with a flat or thin round brush. The first one can draw curls and flower petals, the second is useful for creating various lines and outlining the contours of the picture.

Step 2

For the background, dense enamels of dark or pastel colors are needed. Shiny and light patterns look beautiful on dark varnish. A white, cream or pale pink background will set off bright and dark patterns. Tops with glitter, dry glitter and metallic paints will help to make the manicure more effective.

Step 3

Choose a color combination before you start painting. Prepare all the tools and paints in advance, stock up on nail polish remover and a clean brush - with their help you can quickly erase unsuccessful lines. Fresh acrylic paint can be removed with plain water and cotton swabs.

Step 4

Try a very simple polka dot design. For it, you need a special tool - a metal stick with a ball at the end. Cover your nails with a protective base and dry. Then apply two coats of background enamel. The resulting color should not show through. Dry the varnish thoroughly, for this you can use drip or aerosol drying.

Step 5

Dip your design stick in a contrasting color of varnish and dot your nails. You can arrange them geometrically or randomly. Decorate all your nails or decorate just a few fingers. Colored dots can be supplemented with shiny ones - for example, golden ones. When finished, cover the drawing with a layer of top coat, it will make your nails smooth and shiny.

Step 6

A simple drawing made with acrylic paints is also uncomplicated in execution. Try drawing a stylized chrysanthemum. Cover your nails with a base and two coats of dark lilac enamel. Dry them.

Step 7

Squeeze some white acrylic paint onto a plastic palette or small saucer. Dip a flat, angled brush into it. Move it to the bottom of the nail and draw a curl with one round movement of the brush. Draw another side by side so that their narrow ends converge at one point. Continue drawing the petals to form the chrysanthemum.

Step 8

Attach an artificial pearl to the base of the chrysanthemum. Dip a thin round brush in silver polish and paint a few strokes over the petals - this will add volume to the drawing. Dry your nails and apply a high gloss top coat.

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