How To Make Nail Art

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How To Make Nail Art
How To Make Nail Art

Video: How To Make Nail Art

Video: How To Make Nail Art
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Poets glorify the beauty of female hands in their works, artists capture it on canvases. Modern fashion and technology have allowed lovely ladies to decorate their fingers not only with rings - a neat manicure and nail painting can turn the owner's hands into a work of art and attract increased attention. In order to get a spectacular manicure, you don't have to visit a beauty salon every time. Any girl can do it, the main thing is to want.

How to make nail art
How to make nail art

It is necessary

  • Toothpick, thin stick, or fine brushes
  • Nail polishes or acrylic paints
  • Acetone


Step 1

Decide what pattern you want to paint on your nails. Make sure the surface of the nail is smooth. Apply the main color of the varnish in two layers, letting the varnish dry each time.

Step 2

Even coating the brush with varnish will provide a good quality painting.

Apply the pattern to your nails. Errors can be corrected with a toothpick soaked in nail polish remover.

Step 3

The outline of the drawing must be drawn with the thinnest brush. After it dries, you can fill it gently with varnish of a different color.

Step 4

You can draw with dots using a paper clip. It needs to be dipped in varnish and several points made. Thus, a gradual decrease in the size of the points in the figure is achieved.

Step 5

In order to glue the sticker or rhinestone on the nail, be sure to use tweezers. Apply special nail glue to the nail and place the sticker (rhinestone) on the nail and wait for the glue to dry. Apply a layer of clear varnish over the decorative elements.

Step 6

In order to decorate a manicure with sparkles, you can use ready-made varnishes, which include sparkles. Alternatively, you can apply glue to the areas of the design that you want to decorate and sprinkle them with glitter. Shake off the excess. Wait for the glue to dry, cover with clear varnish.