What Do Extended Nails Look Like?

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What Do Extended Nails Look Like?
What Do Extended Nails Look Like?

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Experimenting with looks and letting someone put the experience on top of you are two different things. In order not to become a victim of the would-be manicure master, it is worth finding out in advance what the extended nails look like.

What do extended nails look like?
What do extended nails look like?


Step 1

Arriving at the salon, you need to start the session with a conversation with the master. Feel free to ask questions and clarify. It depends on the client to what extent his wishes will be fulfilled. Trusting a specialist in silence, you can be disappointed in his work.

Step 2

To find out what the nails will look like after extension, you need to choose an artificial material - gel or acrylic. It should be borne in mind that not all craftsmen work with both materials.

Step 3

So that your nails after extension look normal and not weakened, you should not save on the procedure. Professionals use expensive material, for example, bio-gel. This is a natural substance that does not damage plates. And the work of such a specialist will not be cheap.

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So what do extended nails look like? The gel gives more maneuvers for work, since it does not freeze during work, allowing you to form various patterns and volumetric motives. Gel nails are usually smoother, more glossy, and have a pleasant pinkish or milky hue. Naturally, at the request of the client, you can perform color extensions and then you will not have to varnish or paint the plates. Also, this material allows you to form a smoother bend of the nail.

Step 5

Nails look somewhat different after acrylic extension. This material looks like acetone-soluble dust. In the process of work, the master forms small balls from it and "smears" them with a brush on the plate. Therefore, firstly, acrylic extensions are often performed using tips. And secondly, due to the ability of the material to harden very quickly, the finished nails turn out to be thick and need filing. So acrylic nails look less elegant than gel nails, and their surface is matte. In addition, when building with acrylic, nails are often obtained either straight (when using tips), or, conversely, "humped". But a skilled craftsman is able to make acrylic extensions very carefully.

Step 6

Many women are worried about how their nails will look after extensions and corrections. The answer to this question is hidden in the choice of material and manicure master. With careful work, gentle filing and skillful removal, natural nails undergo minimal or no damage. Certain materials, such as a bio-gel based on South American teak resin containing vitamins and proteins, are specially formulated to strengthen natural nails.

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