How To Square Your Nails

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How To Square Your Nails
How To Square Your Nails

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Traditionally, there are not many shapes you can give your nails. To be more precise, there are only five shapes: square, square with rounded edges, pointed, rounded and oval. In each case, there are little tricks. Let's talk about how to give your nails a square shape.

How to square your nails
How to square your nails


Step 1

Before proceeding directly to the nail treatment, evaluate your hands and fingers. The square shape of the nail is not suitable for everyone. On plump hands, a square-shaped nail does not look very aesthetically pleasing. It visually shortens the fingers. Owners of short fingers, this form is also not suitable. But on thin hands and hands with long fingers, square nails look amazing.

Step 2

Prepare your hands for a manicure in the way you are used to. Treat the cuticle. When the preliminary preparation is over, decide what tools you want to work with.

Step 3

The easiest way to square your nails is to use special pliers (nippers) for pedicure and artificial nails. They are wider than conventional nail clippers, this allows you to evenly cut the entire nail in one motion. The nippers have a slightly rounded edge, so the protruding part of the edge of the nail will have to be finished with a file. Drive the file in one direction only, keep it strictly perpendicular to the nail. To check, place the file with the flat side against the edge of the nail. If the corners are on the same line, then you have achieved the desired result. You can round the edges a little if necessary.

Step 4

If you want to use scissors, choose the straight blade model. Place the cutting surface of the scissors exactly perpendicular to the nail and trim the nail. Try to cut your nail in one go to avoid bevels and jagged edges. To do this, try squeezing the scissor rings a little slower than usual. Shape to perfection with a nail file.

Step 5

The longest process to square your nails is filing. Work the side edges of the nail, keeping the file parallel to the nail. The edges should be perfectly straight across the entire nail. Place the file perpendicular to the nail and file the protruding part. Focus on the side corners. When the shape becomes square, the file will lie flat on the free edge of the nail.

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