How To Make Short Nails Beautiful

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How To Make Short Nails Beautiful
How To Make Short Nails Beautiful

Video: How To Make Short Nails Beautiful

Video: How To Make Short Nails Beautiful
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Long sharp nails have long been bad manners in manicure fashion. Moreover, in the stronger sex, they often cause associations with claws. That is why a beautiful manicure on short nails will become a stylish accent to any look.

How to make short nails beautiful
How to make short nails beautiful

It is necessary

  • - sea salt;
  • - olive oil;
  • - tools for manicure;
  • - glossy nail polish.


Step 1

If you prefer a natural manicure without colored finishes, pay special attention to nail care. Short-cut nails without the slightest trace of processing are unlikely to look beautiful. Make a warm water hand bath with sea salt and olive oil. After that, treat the steamed hands with a scrub, rinse thoroughly and apply a nourishing cream. Use a cuticle softener and pull back. Work the roller around the nail plate and remove excess skin. Sand your nails thoroughly and apply a clear coat.

Step 2

Use a cuticle emollient several times throughout the day. This will keep your short nails looking well-groomed. In addition, on the inside of the grown nail, you can apply strokes with a special white manicure pencil. This advice is especially true if your nails are yellowish.

Step 3

Give your short nails a modern shape. Try not to cut them completely, leaving a strip of 1-2 mm. The most advantageous shape at this length is the "soft square" shape. Try to file your nails in one direction only to prevent flaking and brittleness.

Step 4

Cover your nails with a bright varnish, since such shades on short nails have been considered the main fashion trend for several seasons in a row. Give preference to wine, chocolate or bright red tones. No less relevant are more radical colors - dark blue and black, which, if used correctly, will be appropriate even in a business wardrobe.

Step 5

Use a glossy finish for short nails. Matte shades visually shorten nails, while wet shine or “transparent glass effect” will make your fingers visually thinner and more graceful.