How To Paint Over Gray Hair

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How To Paint Over Gray Hair
How To Paint Over Gray Hair

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Gray hair can appear at any age; most people prefer to hide it with hair dyes. To make this look natural, you need to resort to a number of little tricks.


Step 1

The problem with gray hair is not only a loss of color, but also a change in structure. They become stiff and lose their elasticity and firmness. The dye on such hair is much worse, so it can be quite difficult to achieve an even color.

Step 2

Do not take the first gray hair as a reason for frustration. Most often, such changes are genetically laid down, so gray hair is not always a sign of old age. The dyeing of gray hair must be approached individually, taking into account the intensity and degree of their pigmentation.

Step 3

The first step is to determine how intense the gray hair is. If only individual thin strands or hairs are discolored, they can be painted over with ordinary hair dyes, preferably in natural warm tones. It is best to choose a paint that is slightly lighter than your own color. Light gray hair can be hidden with highlights, which perfectly hide this flaw.

Step 4

If your hair has turned gray noticeably, and the number of discolored strands is approximately equal to the number of natural ones, you will have to dye it in two stages. First you need to apply paint on gray strands and wait from fifteen to twenty minutes, then distribute the remaining paint along the length of the hair and leave it for half an hour. In this case, it is very important to carefully study the instructions that come with the selected paint. There are usually directions on how to best use it for dyeing gray hair.

Step 5

If your hair is completely gray, coloring can be a daunting task. First, you will have to treat your hair with a special blonding agent that softens the hair. This will allow the selected shade of dye to adhere well to the hair, hiding natural discoloration. At this stage, it is very important to reconsider the color priorities. Bright and saturated colors may look great on you, but you will have to tint the roots very often, otherwise, after a few weeks, when the roots grow, the fact of staining will be very noticeable.

Step 6

Therefore, it is worth choosing light, calm tones that are close to your hair color. Even if you decide to use bright shades, add a little dye to them, which is as close to your natural shade as possible, this will give your hair a healthier look.

Step 7

You can try to hide gray hair with natural dyes like basma or henna. With their help, you can achieve remarkable results, and their mixing allows you to dye your hair in any shade. It should be borne in mind that after the first dyeing with such means, gray hair in the hair will still be noticeable, but the second dyeing will completely hide it, the thing is that the hair "absorbs" such dyes gradually, so the color becomes richer with each subsequent dyeing.

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