How Often Can You Dye Your Hair With Henna

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How Often Can You Dye Your Hair With Henna
How Often Can You Dye Your Hair With Henna

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It is not as convenient to paint with henna as with artificial paints, since its application presents a certain problem. However, natural paint practically does not harm the hair and allows you to achieve a wide range of colors.


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Henna has a positive effect on the bulbs and on the hair itself; in some cases, it can accelerate the growth of hair. It should be borne in mind that henna fades faster than chemical dyes, however, it is not completely removed from the hair. Repeated dyes make the color more saturated, as the henna itself accumulates, filling the hair structure. At first, in order to achieve the correct color with this cumulative effect, you can apply henna along the length of the hair once a month and a half, then it is enough to regularly tint the roots, and treat the bulk of the hair with henna every four to five months.

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To enhance the positive effect of henna, other beneficial substances can be added to it. Essential oils work well, for example, burdock or jojoba, decoctions of various medicinal herbs, or even whey. However, even without them, henna affects the hair well, if you do not use it too often.

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In the minds of most people, henna is strongly associated with a bright red color. In fact, when using it, you can achieve any shades, except for a light blonde. It all depends on the organic additives used to prepare the coloring composition. With their help, you can dye your hair light brown, chestnut, black, brown and, of course, red.

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For example, a mixture of henna and indigo powder is usually used to obtain blue-black hair. To obtain fiery red, almost red hair, natural henna is used. To get a natural "chocolate" hair color, you can take a mixture of black and red henna and add ground coffee to it. Accordingly, the range of shades that can be obtained with henna is extremely wide.

Step 5

Of course, henna is not a panacea, it has a drying effect, so it is advisable to use moisturizing balms and hair masks with its regular use. The effects on the hair are manifested with too frequent dyeing, so you do not need to apply henna to the entire hair length every month after you have achieved the desired shade. If your hair is naturally very dry, and with it your scalp, it is better to refuse this method of dyeing.

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After using henna, it is almost impossible to change hair color with artificial dyes. Henna tightly envelops the hair from the penetration of extraneous coloring pigments, so if you want to dye it in any other color, you will have to wait until the hair dyed with henna grows back. In some cases, the reaction of henna and chemical dye can be unpredictable, the hair can acquire unnatural shades up to green or blue.

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