How To Apply Biogel

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How To Apply Biogel
How To Apply Biogel

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Today, no matter what salon you go to, almost all manicure masters practice and offer clients a new nail design technique - nail extension with biogel instead of varnish. This is the most successful and more advanced alternative to gel and acrylic nail extension. And those who have already tried it are very happy. Nails, thanks to the fortified base of biogel, are restored, strengthened and grow faster. So rather try and enjoy the flawless look of your nails.

How to apply biogel
How to apply biogel

It is necessary

fine-grained nail file, orange stick, napkin, liquid for removing the sticky layer, preparatory liquid (degreaser), ultraviolet lamp, biogel (transparent, basic and fixing bases)


Step 1

First, it is imperative to polish the nails with a fine-grained file, while removing the top layer, but not too deeply. This is necessary in order for the nail plate to become smooth and matte. And, of course, it does not hurt to give the desired shape to your nails with an ordinary file.

Step 2

Take an orange stick, wrap it with a lint-free cloth, dip it in the liquid to remove the sticky layer from the nail, and walk in the cuticle area, slightly pushing it back, wipe the free edge of the nail and under the side rollers. Now treat each nail with a degreaser. This will prepare them for the next stage of painting and ensure a tighter contact of the plate with the biogel.

Step 3

First, a transparent biogel is applied to the nail plate in one layer. It is needed in order to seal the free edge of the nail or, in other words, to fix the ends. Then put your nails under the lamp for 2 minutes. Apply in two layers the main color of the biogel, each time drying the nails for 4 minutes under ultraviolet light. With a fixer (it can be matte or transparent), apply another layer and dry under the lamp for another 4 minutes. Then, swiftly brush all of your fingers with the tacky remover.

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