How To Strengthen Your Nails

How To Strengthen Your Nails
How To Strengthen Your Nails

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Beautiful, healthy, strong nails are every woman's dream. The article discusses ways to strengthen, improve nails.

the key to beautiful, strong nails is proper care
the key to beautiful, strong nails is proper care

Alas, few of us can boast of healthy nails. According to a familiar master, there are simply no such nails. Nevertheless, there are certain ways to strengthen our marigolds, to save them from fragility and stratification.

Calcium is responsible for the strength of the nails. But if taken without vitamin D3, it may not be absorbed. Therefore, it is better to buy supplements where calcium acts in conjunction with vitamin D3, or a multivitamin preparation. Now special multivitamin preparations for women are being squeezed out, contributing to the strength and beauty of nails and hair. This will strengthen the nails from the inside.

Another problem is that when the nails exfoliate, they become thinner, therefore, they cannot grow back. The delamination is caused by dryness of the nail plate. Salt baths help maintain moisture, as well as special products for peeling nails. It's a good idea to add butter to the salt bath. Nourish your nails with hand and nail cream regularly.

It is recommended to carry out paraffin therapy at home. It's not hard. We take a piece of paraffin, melt it in a water bath, and then dip your fingers into the paraffin mass several times. We put on cellophane gloves on top and wrap it with a towel, keep it for 15 minutes. There is also a pharmacy option: you can buy a special set with beeswax.

Stop using Soviet-style metal files, as they severely injure the nail during processing. Remove the varnish with a liquid without acetone, use high-quality varnishes, and not Chinese varnishes for 10 rubles, which even smell suspicious. I don't think our nails will like them.

Do household chores with gloves, especially if you use concentrated detergents or cleaners.

Interestingly, eating foods containing gelatin can help prevent hair loss and reduce brittle nails. Make your own mousse or jelly, if you buy marmalade - make sure that it is natural.

It turns out that it is very harmful to cut the cuticle. It is recommended to do a trim-free manicure - to move the cuticle away from the nails with a special stick, after having lubricated it with nutritious oil, then burrs will not appear. Of course, this does not mean that you should let it grow ugly.

Of course, the growth and beauty of nails is influenced by lifestyle, health, and intestinal health. A healthy lifestyle and proper care will help strengthen your nails.

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