What Does Biogel Strengthening Mean?

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What Does Biogel Strengthening Mean?
What Does Biogel Strengthening Mean?

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Such a procedure as strengthening nails with biogel has come into fashion relatively recently. And because of this, many questions arise. For example, what does this procedure give to nails? And is it safe?

Strengthening nails with biogel
Strengthening nails with biogel

If your nails by nature or due to some external factors do not differ in special strength and beauty, then there is a simple procedure that will help make your nails more beautiful and healthier. It is called “strengthening nails with biogel”. What does it mean?

The meaning of the procedure

Biogel is a material that can significantly strengthen natural nails. For example, your nails are slow to grow, prone to brittleness and delamination. Biogel reliably seals the natural plate, allowing you to keep it in its original form, significantly strengthening it. It is noteworthy that biogel has better properties than gel for nail extension. Firstly, it allows absolutely all the useful vitamins and minerals to pass through to the nails. That is, you can continue to make masks and baths for health and nutrition. Secondly, biogel is elastic. Your nails will not look like extended or fake nails. They will be natural, just more durable. For example, during a small blow, the nail will not break or even crack. The material will take a hit.

What are the advantages

In addition to the advantages described above, there is one more thing - you can make any design. For example, a classic French manicure. Biogels come in different colors, which allows you to create real masterpieces on natural nails. Not worse than on extended nails.

Strengthening with biogel is a procedure that has recently become fashionable, but has already acquired its regular admirers. First, your nails continue to grow normally. Without the threat of cracking at the most inopportune moment. Secondly, they continue to get healthier if you use a variety of care products. Thirdly, high-quality biogel acts as an independent means of strengthening. It contains various vitamins, minerals, natural nutrients that affect the nail from the inside. It is noted that with regular strengthening with biogel, the nails begin to grow faster. Over time, even spoiled nails begin to take on a really healthy look.

Another advantage of biogel is easy removal. It does not need to be filed off like a gel. A special tool is enough that softens the material, after which it is removed from the nails with a napkin. It is completely safe for nails. Moreover, biogel can be worn without removing for a long time. Nails don't need a break from this stuff.

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