How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil

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How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil
How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil

Video: How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil

Video: How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil
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The healing properties of sea buckthorn have been known for a long time. The oil made from the juice and pulp of ripe berries contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, K, P, minerals, amino acids necessary for the vital activity of the body and useful fatty acids. Thanks to these components, sea buckthorn oil has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and wound healing effect and is used to treat many different diseases, both in folk medicine and in official medicine.

How to use sea buckthorn oil
How to use sea buckthorn oil


Step 1

In case of diseases of the nasopharynx or oral cavity (runny nose, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.) during the day, lubricate the nasal mucosa with sea buckthorn oil, insert cotton swabs soaked in it into the nose, or simply drip a few drops into the nose. In addition, hold some oil in your mouth for a while and then swallow. Don't forget about inhalation. Perform this procedure after eating to avoid destroying the oily film if food is swallowed.

Step 2

To remove sulfur plugs and treat otitis media, insert a cotton ball soaked in oil into the ear.

Step 3

When a cataract appears, instill 2 drops in each eye, first pharmacy glycerin, and then sea buckthorn oil. In many cases, vision improves.

Step 4

For colitis, enterocolitis, peptic ulcer diseases, drink sea buckthorn oil for half an hour before meals, 4 times every day, and the last time at night, stirring a teaspoon of oil in warm boiled water (half a glass).

Step 5

For gynecological conditions such as cervical erosion, use cotton swabs soaked in oil and change them 2 times a day. The full course of treatment is about 10 procedures.

Step 6

For the treatment of skin inflammations, herpes, the healing of burns and small wounds, lubricate the skin with sea buckthorn oil up to 2 times a day. At the same time, you will notice a weakening of itching, tightening of cracks with practically no residual scars on the skin.

Step 7

Lubricate sore joints, cancer-affected areas with oil. For radiation therapy, take half teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil up to 3 times a day.

Step 8

Before using this oil inside, carefully read the contraindications, which primarily include diseases of the pancreas. If available, be sure to consult a doctor.