How Does Ultrasonic Hair Extension Work?

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How Does Ultrasonic Hair Extension Work?
How Does Ultrasonic Hair Extension Work?

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Ultrasonic hair extension is a kind of capsule technology. It is quite popular, because a clear auto-control system for hardware power and procedure time allows you to get a high-quality result in a short time interval.

How does ultrasonic hair extension work?
How does ultrasonic hair extension work?

Extension description

Ultrasonic hair extension is the attachment of donor hair to a fixing keratin capsule on natural hair, after which this capsule is treated with ultrasound pulses generated by special forceps-applicators. When in contact with keratin, ultrasound is converted into thermal energy and firmly seals the capsule, which at the same time retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

An ultrasonic hair extension procedure involves working exclusively with natural donor hair.

The average time required for this procedure is 2 to 4 hours for 100-120 capsules to attach. Hair extended with ultrasound can withstand from 5 to 7 months of wearing and look as natural as possible due to very thin and almost invisible capsules. The main disadvantage of ultrasonic augmentation is a rather complicated correction, since the keratin capsules are destroyed after it, and the re-soldering of new capsules, performed manually, does not give a high-quality result. Therefore, it is recommended to use this procedure if donor hair will not be worn for a very long time.


The advantages of ultrasonic extensions, first of all, include its safety, since the hair is not exposed to a harmful thermal method. During the procedure, natural hair does not overheat, which, accordingly, saves them from flaking and dullness. In addition, the strands extended by ultrasound are not combed out even with intensive combing, and the extension itself takes place relatively quickly. Moreover, its cost is quite high, and keratin capsules require care with cosmetics that do not contain oils.

The high cost of the procedure is due to the use of expensive equipment and subsequent correction.

Hair extended with ultrasound can be easily curled with a curling iron and hairdryer, as well as dyed. The only condition for the long-term preservation of the original result is to limit the ingestion of balms and masks on the keratin capsule, which can soften it. It is also very important to choose a beauty salon with a good reputation and an experienced master who can professionally interact with ultrasound equipment and keratin capsules.

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