How To Paint Your Nails Neatly

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How To Paint Your Nails Neatly
How To Paint Your Nails Neatly

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To make your nails look beautiful, it is important to learn how to properly care for them. Unfortunately, the rhythm of life of a modern woman often does not allow finding time to visit a salon. In this case, the only option remains - to take care of the pens yourself.

How to paint your nails neatly
How to paint your nails neatly


Step 1

Before painting your nails, soften the cuticles in a hot water bath. Then, using a special stick, move it away - it should rise slightly above the nail plate. After that, remove the cuticle with nail scissors. Such actions must be carried out before each procedure for staining nails, otherwise the varnish will remain on the cuticle, and the nails will look sloppy.

Step 2

Use a nail file to shape the nail to the desired shape. Movements should be from the edges to the center so that the nails do not subsequently exfoliate.

Step 3

Now it's the turn of the file. It is better if there are several of them, with varying degrees of graininess. Begin to sand the surface of the nails, first with the coarsest, then with a medium-grain file, and this stage must be completed with a nail file that adds shine. Just do not overdo it, so as not to damage the nail plate.

Step 4

Choose the right nail polish brush to paint your nails neatly. Give preference to products from popular brands that are responsible for the quality of their products. Stock up on several brushes for different shades. In addition, well-known companies offer products for the size of the nail, which is also very convenient to use. With this brush, you will cover your nail in a neat layer from one stroke - quickly and beautifully.

Step 5

Degrease your nails and apply the first coat. This should be the base for the varnish. It can be different: strengthening, against delamination, for weakened nails, lightening, etc. Choose the one that's right for you. Most often it is transparent and in any case evens the surface of the nail and protects against the pigment of the varnish.

Step 6

After the base is dry, apply the first coat of colored varnish in the same order and wait until it dries. Please note that in order for the varnish to lay down beautifully, it is necessary to apply it carefully in three strokes. Do the first stroke in the middle, then on the sides.

Step 7

The next layer is the fixer. It will add durability and shine to your manicure. Although sometimes you can do without it. Let the varnish dry very well. Soak for 20-30 minutes, and your manicure will not deteriorate from accidental touch.

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