How To Choose Nail Polish For Short Nails

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How To Choose Nail Polish For Short Nails
How To Choose Nail Polish For Short Nails

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Short nails are in vogue today. To make them look even more impressive, give them a beautiful shape and apply a suitable varnish. There are many options: dark enamel will give your fingers grace, light varnishes in natural tones will emphasize the beautiful skin color, and fashionable bright colors will cheer you up.

How to choose nail polish for short nails
How to choose nail polish for short nails


Step 1

The color of the varnish depends on your skin tone. This is especially important when choosing light natural shades. Soft beige, peach, apricot enamels go to warm golden skin. Pale skin will be especially beautiful with cold pink, pale lilac and greyish beige varnishes. For swarthy fingers, varnishes with a golden and bronze shimmer are suitable.

Step 2

Metallic varnishes are a very good solution for short nails. Try products that are silver, gold, or copper. On sale you can also find colored varnishes with a metallic effect, shimmering in different shades. If you are planning to buy such a varnish, choose dark options: chocolate, black-gray, greenish.

Step 3

Take a look at the new collections of the leading lacquer companies. Most of the suggested shades are perfect for short nails. It can be "near-black" enamels: purple, gray, burgundy, black-green. They visually stretch the plate and lengthen the fingers. You can try varnishes of blue and green colors of various saturations, as well as classic red tones.

Step 4

The most unfortunate shades for short nails are bright and light. They visually shorten the fingers, and make the nails wider. You should be careful with neon enamels, they are not suitable for all hands. Flesh-colored varnishes that don't match your skin tone won't work either. When choosing beige, cream and yellowish varnishes, be sure to apply them to your nails and evaluate the result under natural and artificial light. If there are no testers in the store, use branded plates with colored tips.

Step 5

Not only the color is important, but also the texture of the varnish. Shiny enamels, varnishes with large glitter resembling fish scales, as well as craquelure varnishes with vertical cracks or the effect of crocodile skin look more beautiful on short nails. Varnishes with special effects - sand texture, fine lint, holography and overflows also look good.

Step 6

Matte, vinyl and suede enamels go only perfectly flat and narrow nails with an elongated bed. You should not buy varnishes with mother-of-pearl - such products visually enlarge your hands and look old-fashioned. The products with black and white specks, pieces of foil, and colored small glitter do not look too beautiful. These varnishes work better with long nails.

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